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Kitchen Sink 2 Diamond Dynasty Packs Include Shawn Green and Fergie Jenkins

Kitchen Sink 2 Diamond Dynasty Milestone Shawn Green

MLB The Show 21

Kitchen Sink 2 Diamond Dynasty Packs Include Shawn Green and Fergie Jenkins

The Kitchen Sink 2 packs in Diamond Dynasty may not have the same top-end upside for some folks as the Kitchen Sink 1 set of players, but there should still be some more winners to plug into your lineups. The two-tier system includes the 96+ overall tier, or if you miss out on that, the consolation round involves a 90+ tier. The top tier includes Milestone Shawn Green, Signature Series Evan Longoria, Milestone Fergie Jenkins, and 2nd Half Heroes Ryan Braun. The consolation round includes Awards Eloy Jimenez, Prime David Robertson, 2nd Half Heroes Harmon Killebrew, Awards Dallas Keuchel, All-Star Barry Larkin, and Rookie Walter Johnson.

Most of these cards already have a version out in the wild, so you shouldn’t need to try out their swings or windups in order to know if you like them by now. The one exception is Walter Johnson, but he’s been in the game for a couple years now so you might be familiar with him that way. For me, I enjoy Longoria’s swing the most, struggle mightily with Larkin, and also usually enjoy using Eloy Jimenez. Killebrew is his usual boom-bust self going by his ratings, and Fergie Jenkins has quality control of all five of his pitches — and has his forkball.

Kitchen Sink 2 Diamond Dynasty

Top Tier

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Consolation Round

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