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Is Anthony Volpe the Next Derek Jeter? We Asked MLB The Show 23

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MLB The Show 23

Is Anthony Volpe the Next Derek Jeter? We Asked MLB The Show 23

Spring Training was abuzz over the seemingly sudden emergence of New York Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe. A lifelong Yankees fan and New Jersey native, Volpe had performed exceptionally well in the minors and was often cited as not only the top prospect in the Yankees organization but one of the most exciting youngsters in baseball, period. After a disappointing 2022 from shortstop Isiah Kiner-Falefa, the Bronx Bombers announced a competition for the starting shortstop gig. Volpe decidedly won it during Spring Training with a 1.033 OPS, 5 stolen bases, 6 doubles, and 3 dingers in 55 total plate appearances. He led the spring squad in runs scored, doubles (tied with Aaaron Judge), and stolen bases (tied with Estevan Florial). At just 21 years of age, Volpe was promoted from Scranton to New York, officially making it to the show at the same exact age as his idol, Derek Jeter.

It’s impossible (and perhaps for Volpe, a bit unfair) for fans not to compare the new Yankees shortstop to the legendary Jeter, who was MLB The Show 23’s Collector’s Edition cover star. They were both 21 when making their Yankees debut, they’re both shortstops, and they were both born in New Jersey. So with these similarities comes the inevitable question: is Anthony Volpe the next Derek Jeter?

While we unfortunately don’t have a time machine or crystal ball handy, we do have our own version of a career simulator in MLB The Show 23’s franchise mode. We allowed the game to sim Volpe’s entire career, from his 2023 debut at shortstop to his retirement in 2038. What follows is a detailed season-by-season account of how Volpe fairs in The Show, which may very well provide insight into what fans can expect from the Yankee sensation over the next decade or two.

Is Anthony Volpe The Next Derek Jeter

2023 – Rookie Season

According to MLB The Show 23, the Yankees will lose in the ALCS to the Texas Rangers, who will go on to win the World Series. Anthony Volpe, sharing playing time at shortstop with Oswald Peraza (who is called up from AAA), will play in 58 games, with 243 plate appearances. His slash line will be .235/.270/.330, with 10 doubles, 4 home runs, and 11 stolen bases for an OPS of .600. His contract with the Yankees will be extended until 2029.


The Yanks fare worse in 2024, losing to the Minnesota Twins in the Wild Card series. The Braves defeat the Blue Jays in the World Series. Second-year shortstop Anthony Volpe continues to compete for playing time at short, although Volpe is quickly besting Peraza. This season, Volpe finishes with a slash line of .243/.306/.328 for an OPS of .634 in 441 plate appearances. He also ups his home run and stolen base totals a bit. An improvement, no doubt, but still far short of Jeter’s second-year numbers.


In the offseason, the Yankees rejigger their lineup and sign shortstop Willy Adames, thus moving Volpe over to second base, a position now vacant after Gleyber Torres was signed by the Marlins. Oswald Peraza is traded to the Tigers, giving Volpe an opportunity for a consistent starting role. But Volpe struggles in the first half of the season, forcing the Yankees to add extra options at second base.

The Yankees win the 2025 World Series against the Atlanta Braves. In the second half of the year, Volpe ramps up his numbers, finishing the season with a slash line of .245/.289/.371 for an OPS of .661 in 344 plate appearances. He continues to improve slightly with each season but fails to match the performance of Jeter, who was already an All-Star in his third year.


The Yankees fail to make the postseason in 2026 after winning a World Series the prior year. The San Francisco Giants defeat the Cleveland Guardians to take the crown. It’s a breakout season for Anthony Volpe, who appears in 112 games. He hits .268/.334/.446 for a career high .780 OPS. He notches 14 dingers and 25 stolen bases, two more career milestones.


As the Yankees’ infield continues to be overcrowded, Volpe moves over to third base before the start of the season. The move proves to be beneficial as Volpe wins his first Gold Glove thanks to a 1.000 fielding percentage. The Yankees, however, are quickly dispatched by the Orioles in the postseason and the Braves go on to win the World Series. Volpe again has career numbers across the board: .273/.337/.449 for a .786 OPS. He hits 6 triples, 17 home runs, and steals 20 bases. 2027 solidifies Volpe as a solid young infielder.


The Yankees lose the ALCS to the Cleveland Guardians, who then lose to the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. It’s a setback year for Volpe, whose OPS of .697 is his lowest since 2025. His defense also slips and he’s nowhere near the Gold Glove picture.


During the 2029 season, Volpe receives a 12-year, $228 million contract extension that will likely keep him a Yankee for the rest of his career. The Yankees lose in the ALDS to the Twins. The crosstown-rival New York Mets win the World Series. After a disappointing 2028, Volpe comes roaring back with a career high slash line of .280/.350/.481 for an OPS of .831. He socks a career-high 27 dingers and 8 triples. He again finishes the season with a 1.000 fielding percentage, although it’s apparently not good enough for a second Gold Glove. Nonetheless, he achieves a career high WAR of 5.1.


The Yankees lose the ALCS to the Seattle Mariners, who are then beaten by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. Although Volpe continues to be an outstanding fielder, he fails to earn a second Gold Glove, thanks to Marcelo Mayer, who has won the award three years in a row at shortstop for the Red Sox. Offensively, Volpe’s numbers are comparable to 2029 and he finishes with a slightly better OPS of .836 and a WAR of 6.6. He sets a career high with 27 stolen bases.


The Yankees lose early in the playoffs to the Houston Astros, who go on to win the World Series against the defending Dodgers. Anthony Volpe, now 30 years old, is beginning to show some signs of fading. His power decreases significantly and he finishes the season with a .737 OPS, his lowest since 2028. His WAR also slips to 3.5, again his lowest in several years. His speed takes a tumble as well when he steals only 13 bases for the year, his lowest total since 2025.

MLB The Show 23



With his career seemingly trending downwards, Volpe now struggles for consistent playing time and is left out of the Opening Day lineup. For the first time, Volpe is placed on the trade block but the Yankees fail to find any suitors before the deadline. The Yankees lose in the ALDS to the Mariners, who then defeat the Braves in the World Series. Volpe appears in only 90 games, his lowest total since 2025, but less playing time causes his slash line to skyrocket to .327/.396/.514 for an OPS of .910, a career best. His WAR also improves to 4.6. Although he’s no longer a regular starter, he continues to be a valuable asset in a utility role.


2033 is the year of the Anthony Volpe redemption story. He finishes third in All-Star votes at shortstop and second in the Gold Glove race. The Yankees are quickly dispatched by the Guardians in the postseason and the Mariners win the World Series for the second straight year. But Volpe regains his spot in the lineup, playing in 156 games. His slash line is .261/.353/.422 for an OPS of .774. He steals a career high 30 bases. His 5.0 WAR is his best since 2030. Anthony Volpe is back.


For the first time in his career, at the tender age of 32, Anthony Volpe becomes an All-Star. His teammates don’t fare as well and the Yankees are eliminated in the Wild Card series. The Chicago Cubs go on to win the World Series. Volpe finishes the season with a .892 OPS, hitting 24 dingers (the most he’s hit since 2029) and a career high 46 doubles. His 6.0 WAR is the second highest of his career.


In 2035, the Yankees lose in the ALDS to the Tigers and the Chicago Cubs capture their second straight World Series win. Now in his 13th season, Anthony Volpe falls victim to father time and his numbers take a nosedive. He finishes the year with an OPS of .665, his lowest since 2025. His WAR plummets to 0.8. His .227 batting average is the lowest of his career.

MLB The Show 23


Following one of the worst seasons of his career, Anthony Volpe looks to redeem himself once more. The Yankees, despite a mediocre season, win their second World Series since Volpe’s promotion to the team in 2023. Volpe’s numbers improve. His slash line finishes at .241/.326/.440 for an OPS of .766. His fielding percentage jumps from .979 to .987 and his WAR from 0.8 to 3.2.


The Yankees fail to make the postseason for the first time in decades, finishing with a losing record of 72-90. The Giants win the World Series, besting the Rays. Offensively, Anthony Volpe has one of the worst seasons of his career, finishing with a .598 OPS. But his fielding skills continue to give him some value and he finishes the year with a 1.5 WAR and his best fielding percentage since 2034.

2038 – Final Season

The Yankees lose the ALDS to the Rays and the long-suffering Detroit Tigers win the World Series. At the age of 37, Volpe fails to make the Yankees’ roster and spends the entire year in AAA. At the end of his year in Scranton, Volpe officially retires after a 19-year career in the Yankees organization.

Career In Review

Anthony Volpe wraps up his long career with 2 World Series rings, 1 Gold Glove, and 1 All-Star appearance. It’s an admirable and noteworthy career but nowhere near that of Derek Jeter, who was a 14-time All-Star. While Volpe was a consistently good shortstop defensively, he was rarely good enough to be the best in the league. At the plate, he was good but inconsistent. That said, he was the only Yankees prospect from 2023 to survive nearly two decades playing professional baseball with the team that drafted him. No doubt the virtual fans in MLB The Show 23 treated him like a team legend akin to CC Sabathia or Brett Gardner.

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