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Ice League Hockey Available Now For iOS and Android Devices

ice league hockey

Ice League Hockey

Ice League Hockey Available Now For iOS and Android Devices

Ice League Hockey will release on December 16 for iOS and Android devices. For those of you wanting to try it out now, the beta is available for Android devices here and iOS here.

UPDATE: (12-17) Ice League Hockey is available now for iOS and Android devices. The game is free to download. The Premium Edition will be on sale until the New Year for $1.

The game uses touch and on-screen controls to control the movement and abilities of your player. To skate, drag your thumb anywhere on the left half of the screen. To aim the puck, drag your thumb on the right half of the screen and release to shoot. There is also a one-tap shoot option and another button to pass to teammates. On defense, you have the ability to poke the puck away or body check the opponent to the ground. The game also supports bluetooth gamepads and both portrait and landscape options.

Here are some of the main features in the game so far. Koality Game mentions Commissioner mode (control all teams) as well as Career mode (control a single player) will be arriving in the near future.

  • Fully customizable leagues, teams, players, awards, and draft classes
  • General Manager mode
  • Draft lottery and fantasy draft settings
  • Scout prospects for upcoming draft classes
  • Negotiate and sign players to contracts
  • Trade multiple players and draft picks in a single trade
  • Full stat tracking and awards for all players
  • Full five on five gameplay
  • Sim or watch any game from around the league
  • Players can age, increase levels and xp, get injured, and retire
  • Export and import custom leagues with the community

Season mode features full league customization allowing players to customize the amount of teams, uniform and ice rink colors, team logos, player names and appearances, end of season awards, and much more. When you’re ready to begin, choose a team to start with and play, watch, or simulate games throughout the season. Improve player attributes as they gain experience and manage their fatigue and moods. Player moods can change depending on traits such as winning and how much they are paid which in turn affects future contract negotiations and how fast they progress. During the season you’ll also be able to scout young prospects in the upcoming draft class so that you can make the best possible selection for your team. Miss the playoffs? You may just get lucky and end up with the first pick in the draft lottery!

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