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Ice League Hockey Update Adds Career Mode, Legendary Difficulty and Much More

Ice League Hockey Update

Ice League Hockey

Ice League Hockey Update Adds Career Mode, Legendary Difficulty and Much More

A new Ice League Hockey update has just arrived for iOS and Android devices. The update adds career mode, legendary difficulty, CPU to CPU trading and much more. Check out the patch notes below.

New Features

  • Added Career Mode
  • Added Legend Difficulty
  • Unlocked all save slots for free users

Season Mode

  • Added Player Grading system
  • Added Season Summary screen to Career History
  • Added CPU to CPU trading
  • Added CPU to Player trading
  • Added Trade Offers button to Office screen
  • Added Trade Approval setting to Commish Mode
  • Added Create Trade button to Trade Offers screen
  • Added ability to view all players from Search button
  • Added year of retirement and induction
  • Increased chance of injury
  • Decreased Goalie stamina loss
  • Player mood shifts after trade depending on traits
  • Player mood decreases if 100% healthy and DNP
  • Capped max contracts to 20 when Salary Cap > 100
  • Moved Retired Players list to Hall of Fame screen
  • Removed min games to appear on leaderboards


  • Added season goals and assists after scored goals
  • Added minimum shift timer before changing lines
  • Added decreased charge cooldown to Brick Wall
  • Improved CPU passing
  • Improved CPU shot selection
  • Improved CPU left and right defender positioning
  • Improved collision for knocked down players
  • Improved line changing
  • Decreased fighting chance
  • Decreased tripping penalty occurrence
  • Sub backup goalies when losing > three goals

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed duplicate on screen sticks appearing
  • Fixed block button for gamepad controls
  • Fixed target indicator visibility when player locked
  • Fixed CPU resting players during playoffs
  • Fixed trading to own team in Commissioner mode
  • Fixed incomplete lineup check
  • Fixed signing players through the Search function
  • Fixed negative Attribute Points in Season mode
  • Fixed remaining draft picks display during drafts
  • Fixed incorrect ice color on some pixels

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