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How to Use the Ohtani Rule in MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23

How to Use the Ohtani Rule in MLB The Show 23

Shohei Ohtani is a remarkable athlete. He’s both one of the best hitters in Major League Baseball today and one of the best starting pitchers. This also makes Shohei one of the most fun players to use in MLB The Show 23. For the first time, true two-way player functionality was added this year, which means players can use Ohtani exactly the way he plays in real life. Let’s talk about how to use the “Ohtani Rule” in MLB The Show 23.

This rule applies to Diamond Dynasty and traditional modes like franchise mode.

How To Use The Ohtani Rule in MLB The Show 23

The process is pretty straight forward for the most part. If you want to take advantage of Ohtani’s talents, you’ll need to have him in your starting rotation to start.

Next, you’ll need to insert Ohtani at the Designated Hitter position in the squad screen in Diamond Dynasty.

You’ll be able to move Ohtani up and down your lineup as you desire and hit him at whatever spot in the batting order you’d like. If and when you remove Ohtani from the game as a pitcher, he’ll remain in your lineup as the DH.

A caveat here is the closing pitcher version of Ohtani in Diamond Dynasty. That version has no secondary positions, which means he cannot start at DH and pitch. You can have this Ohtani pitch, then pinch hit for your DH with him, but you’ll forfeit the DH in the process. That means in a full 9-inning game, that spot in the batting order will now belong to any relief pitcher you bring in. This can be a useful strategy in BR or Events with this Ohtani, as the shorter game might allow you to get around this rule. However, if you try this in a full game you’ll be playing under the “old rules” and that means you’ll have to utilize your bench to pinch hit every time your relief pitcher comes to bat.

That’s how to use the Ohtani Rule in MLB The Show. Do you use the Ohtani Rule in Diamond Dynasty or have you built around him in Franchise mode?

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