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How to Make Stubs in MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23

How to Make Stubs in MLB The Show 23

I’ve been a big believer that MLB The Show  has been the undisputed champion in the card collecting mode realm of sports games for years now. A big reason for that has been how user friendly The Show typically is in regards to not requiring a ton of real cash to play. You’ll hear SDS use the phrase “Grind99” a lot and for good reason — you can get pretty much everything just from playing the game! We’ve shown you the best camera angles and best hitting settings in MLB The Show 23 already. Let’s take a closer look at how to make Stubs in MLB The Show 23.

How To Make Stubs In MLB The Show 23

XP Reward Path

The XP reward path has returned in MLB The Show 23. This was originally a separate reward path in addition to the main or Featured Boss Programs. This year, however, the XP reward path essentially is the main program. You earn XP simply by playing MLB The Show 23, and as you do, you’ll progress in the reward path and unlock rewards along the way.

As you can see in the above screenshot, some of those rewards include Stubs! At the 80,000 XP mark, each player will earn 1,000 Stubs and rewards like this will always be sprinkled in the reward path. Not just the XP reward path, but almost every single program you can play in MLB The Show will feature Stub rewards of some kind. Even when they’re smaller amounts, they add up fast. So keep grinding and keep earning!


One of the more obvious ways to earn Stubs is by selling cards on the marketplace. A key factor to keep in mind is that all sales will be taxed at 10%. This includes using the “sell now” option that simply sells your selected card at the highest current buy price. Remember the XP reward path from above? Well, you’ll earn plenty of packs along the way that you can crack and sell. Whether it’s boss packs or standard Show packs or even premium packs — as long as it isn’t a no-sell pack then you can make Stubs from selling the contents on the marketplace.

Another tactic you can use on the marketplace is flipping. There’s way more advanced flippers than me, but I’ll explain the basics. This Devin Williams card has a listing at 99,995 that someone listed for sale. There’s also a listing at 79,500 made by a prospective buyer looking to pay that amount for the card. As a seller, you can choose to take that offer and you’ll come away with 71,550 Stubs after tax. Or, if you’re lucky, you can list at that 99,995 price and hope that someone buys the card outright to earn 90,000 Stubs instantly after tax. Pretty simple, really.

The flipping aspect would involve you buying the card at the 79,500 price point and then immediately relisting the card at the 99,995 price point. If you sell the card and pocket the 90,000 after tax, you’d end up with a profit of about 10,500 Stubs. If you spend any real time doing this and find cards that you can flip uninterrupted, you can make a solid chunk of Stubs.

It takes quite a bit of time, knowledge, and patience to be a successful flipper but there’s plenty of folks that do it and do it well. I’ll do it on occasion throughout the year, mostly on the app if I’m bored, but this is another way to make Stubs in MLB The Show 23.

Inventory Management

This can pretty much tie into the marketplace but I wanted to highlight it separately. As you open packs, you’ll see how many copies of each card you have in your possession. This is mighty helpful if you want to immediately flip your duplicates and earn Stubs quickly. Efficiency!

As you can see, I have two copies of this Reid Birlingmair card. Seeing as how I only need one copy of each card since you keep cards in MLB The Show after collecting them, I can easily sell this card without any repercussions.  I’m on Xbox Series X so I can hit the “Y” button to see the intimate card details.

Which brings me to this screen here. The information we care about for this subject is the current prices listed by “community market.” At the time I took this screenshot, this card’s lowest listed sale price was 92 Stubs. We can now use this to our advantage by backing out of the card detail screen, scrolling down to the bottom, and selecting “List on Marketplace” that will bring up a keyboard. We can then enter any price we want and list the card without having to interact with the full marketplace. I listed this card at 91 Stubs to replace the lowest active offer in hopes that someone would purchase from me. You can do this with every single pack you open and it’ll save you a number of clicks, ultimately helping you make Stubs more efficiently.


Another way to make Stubs in MLB The Show 23 is by completing collections. Most collections will give you Stubs on top of any cards, packs, or other goodies that are offered.

As you can see in this screenshot, there’s a total of 6,000 Stubs you can earn simply by completing this Free Agent collection. Collecting cards in The Show makes them unsellable but you’ll always keep them in your collection for use later on. So you can look at collections as “exchanging” your cards for whatever the rewards are. Not only will you get 6,000 Stubs for completing this collection, but you’ll also earn a total of 17 packs, including a Ballin’ Is a Habit Pack, which has better odds than a standard Show pack.

During your Diamond Dynasty journey, check out all the various collections in the “Collections” tab and find some areas to work on. The Starter collections are very easy to complete and will pay out Stubs. There’s the bigger collection sets where you’re collecting cards, but there’s also collections for things like uniforms and equipment that will give out Stubs and packs. Remember, every pack you earn can be turned into Stubs on the marketplace!

Microsoft Rewards (Xbox Only)

Another way to make Stubs in MLB The Show 23 is utilizing Microsoft Reward points. If you play on Xbox and aren’t familiar with the program, you’re potentially missing out on some free rewards. No, this isn’t a Ponzi scheme where you have to sell me your family pet. You just sign up for the program here and follow the directions. There’s also a Rewards app on the Xbox Marketplace that has missions you can complete each week. You’ll get bonus points for completing quizzes, activating “punch cards” that come with specific missions (like renting three movies in a month) on top of earning reward points for select purchases.

I’ve been doing this for a couple years now and I’ve cashed in points for virtual Xbox gift cards that I used to buy Stubs. You can use the points on other items as well, but I’ve pretty much exclusively exchanged them for Xbox money to buy Stubs. Additionally, because The Show is on Xbox Game Pass, you save 10% on every add-on purchase, which means you’re saving money every time you buy Stubs. Combine the savings with free Stubs from reward points and you’re sitting pretty.

And that’s how to make Stubs in MLB The Show 23. Do you have any tips of your own?

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