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How to Do Bicycle Kicks in FIFA 23

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How to Do Bicycle Kicks in FIFA 23

Bicycle Kick your way to victory!

Bicycle kicks are one of the most spectacular moves in soccer. They’re incredibly hard to pull off in FIFA 23 (as they should be), but when you do they feel so good. Here’s how you can do a bicycle kick in FIFA 23.

How To Perform A Bicycle Kick In FIFA 23

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First and foremost, make sure that the ball is in the air while passing it to the player who will do the bicycle kick. While receiving the ball, hold L2 + Circle or hold LT + B button, depending on the console/controller you are using. The L2 and LT button triggers “flair,” which means that the player you’re controlling will perform stylish moves.

The best way to ensure that your player will perform a bicycle kick is by observing their positioning from the goal. You should pass the ball through the air to the player with their back turned against the goal. An easy button combination for this is: PlayStation: hold L1 + Square > hold L2 + Circle / Xbox: hold LB + X > hold LT + B, which lets your first player kick the ball high in the air. Your second player will then have ample time to position for a bicycle kick.

Tips When Performing A Bicycle Kick In FIFA 23

There are a few factors to consider when attempting a Bicycle Kick in FIFA 23. Here are some of them:

  1. Ensure that the second player (the player who will perform the kick) has no defenders around them.
  2. We highly recommend two or two and a half bars of power for crossing the ball over to your scorer in many situations. This is to ensure that your first player will not overshoot the ball.
  3. Try to avoid using bicycle kicks after a corner kick. Scoring from corners is far less successful than in previous games.

Those are all of the tips we have for bicycle kicks in FIFA 23. There are still many more factors to consider when scoring a goal in the game. However, we can’t deny that bicycle kicks are genuinely a fantastic feat to perform in-game.

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