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Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder Details Revealed

hot wheels unleashed track builder

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder Details Revealed

Mattel and Milestone have revealed Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder details today, as the team released a new trailer and walkthrough video. Players can build, design, and share their custom made Hot Wheels Unleashed courses with the same tools the designers used to create the official tracks for the game.

Any element of the environments could potentially be part of the course. This means that players can mix  track modules with different objects and obstacles from any environment in order to create dynamic and unpredictable races. Players will also have the chance to bring their tracks to the next level, thanks to the special Track Builder Modules. More than 20 amazing modules are available, such as T-Rex Escape, Spider Ambush, and Hungry Cobra to make the tracks even more unique, insane, and challenging.

The Track Builder also features the chance to share creations with the world or enjoy the crazy tracks made by other players. Being part of the community means having the chance to become an extraordinary designer or simply a racer always looking for new adrenaline and unpredictable challenges.

Lead Game Designer Federico Cardini takes viewers through the basics and provides their first course in track design by showcasing tracks made in the game, along with fun new creations.

Hot Wheels Unleashed offers players the opportunity to drive the cars as if they were playing with the die-cast toys. The gameplay includes adrenaline-filled races, an extended choice of Hot Wheels vehicles with different attributes and rarity levels that players can customize with different skins, and jaw-dropping tracks set in everyday-life locations with special track pieces and interactive items. The game also features a revolutionary Track Editor enabling players to customize tracks in any game environment and share them with the game’s community.

The fast-paced arcade racer is scheduled to arrive on September 30 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In case you missed our hands-on preview of Hot Wheels Unleashed, make sure to give it a read here.

If you were anything like me, then Hot Wheels was deeply entrenched in your childhood. It was a world that involved so many different types of vehicles, and each one had its own story and background. Milestone is looking to bring that world alive again, only this time it’s in the form of a video game, and the developers are looking to deliver a game that conjures up memories of both the past and present in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Although the game is not releasing until mid-September, Milestone provided me with a playable build of Hot Wheels Unleashed for this preview.

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