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Here's Your Chance to Win F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition - We Have Multiple Copies to Give Away


F1 2020

Here's Your Chance to Win F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition - We Have Multiple Copies to Give Away

So you’ve already read our F1 2020 review, so you know it’s a great game. If you haven’t spent your hard earned money on the game yet, we are giving you a chance to win the Deluxe Schumacher Edition, worth $69.99. Because pffffft, who wants the standard edition anyways…

It’s really difficult to enter this contest. So please read carefully. /end sarcasm

Respond to this post with your console preference and your favorite racing game of all time. For extra credit, go ahead and tell us why you deserve to win. We won’t judge, it’s random after all.

On Friday, we’ll randomly pick 6 winners. 2 for Xbox One, 2 for PlayStation 4 and 2 for Steam. This contest is also open to our Twitter followers, so you can enter twice, if you’d like more chances to win.

Good luck and thanks to Deep Silver and Codemasters for the unlock codes!


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  1. Xbox One 
    Favourite game was Test Drive Unlimited, first racing game I  100% completed, enjoyed the wide array of cars and the freedom to play it how I wanted. Would love a remake/new game.
    I'm an Xbox player.
    I've played a little bit of I think every one of these games, but I'm starting to get into actual F1, so I want to try this one out now that I actually know some stuff about F1.
    Favourite racing game of all time is Burnout 3. I played hundreds of hours of that one online.
    Xbox One*
    Favourite game was Test Drive Unlimited, first racing game I* 100% completed, enjoyed the wide array of cars and the freedom to play it how I wanted. Would love a remake/new game.

    You're in luck. They just announced a new TDU yesterday.
    Favorite racing game of all time: Nascar 98 will always hold a special place in my heart, it was my first racing game ever
    Why I deserve to win: Desperately want to expand my racing knowledge outside of NASCAR and F1 would be awesome to learn about. What better way to learn than by playing their game!
    Steam PC would be awesome :) favorite racing game of all time has to be F1 Grand Prix 1 & 2 back in the day, with it's fantastic switch-a-roo game feature that allowed you to play with friends on the same computer, alternating between you driving and AI taking over when your friends turn was up.
    Steam PC
    This is a tough question for me to answer, but I think I'd have to go with the original Colin McRae Rally I played a couple of decades ago. One of the most gratifying gaming moments I've had came in getting through an extremely difficult stage quickly and without a scratch. I'd never heard of rally racing until that game and I've been a fan ever since.
    PS4! NFS carbon is my favorite racing game. I remember the cop chases you could do and how advanced I thought the graphics were when I was young. I'm starting to really get into F1 and I've played the demo and loved it but didn't want to buy the full game yet without learning more.
    System: PS4
    Favorite racing game is Dirt 4. It was just an all around great game and I still play it. Really enjoyed the Rally Cross races and just the overall quality and relay ability.
    I should win because I’m do for a new racing game! Haven’t purchased one since Dirt 4. As a racing fan, I usually would play NASCAR games, but the Heat series just isn’t where the F1 series is in terms of quality.
    System: Steam
    It's been a while since I've been in the racing game. I've dabbled in the NASCAR games in the past but I'm thinking this is a good time to get back into the groove.
    Platform: Steam PC would be top choice but I would also gladly accept PS4 version.
    Favorite race game of all time: Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP II for Sega Genesis. Really enjoyed this game back in the day.
    Why I deserve to win: I am old and haven't won many contests! :)
    Favorite Racing Game of All Time -> Need for Speed: Most Wanted
    I deserve to win because I spend a lot money on video games as it is, my wife doesn’t need to see another $70+ charge on the account.
    PS4 here!
    The sim I've raced the most with is rFactor. But if I have to choose a favourite racing game, I would go with Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2 & 3. Great memories!
    PC version.
    Favorite was NASCAR 98 on PS1 because it had the coolest intro with Molly Hatchets “Flirtin With Disaster.”
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    I prefer PC racing on Steam. 2nd choice would be XBOX
    I guess I'd have to give the all-time-favorite nod to "IndyCar Racing". Probably came out before many of you were born! But it got me hooked on virtual racing and I've played most other racing sims since then.
    My favorite game is need for speed most wanted on ps2. Mostly have played arcade racing games but have been really interested in this game. Always just been too afraid to spend money on the f1 games put of fear I wouldnt enjoy
    Platform: Steam
    Favorite Game: Gran Turismo 4. 
    It was the first OMG time with a racing game.  There were so many cars,  and they all had a different feel which changed how you raced with them.  This game was also my first experience racing as an F1 car.  I crashed. A lot. 
    Steam please.
    My favorite racing game was Nascar 2 (1996) on PC.
    I had just moved to Richmond, VA and was able to race online against my cousin who lived in Kansas City, KS. Might not seem like a big deal, but in 1996, it was mind blowing. Great times....
    I should win just because lol.
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    System: PS4
    My favourite racing game is Gran Turismo 1 on the PS1. Its the game that got me into racing games and the sport as a young kid.
    Xbox One X is my platform! Why do I deserve it? Because I'm a 57 year old man and my brother is 59, we love racing games as still as a kid brother, I like to kick his butt! And we LOVE F1 Codemaster games
    Favorite racing game for nostalgia was Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top on SNES or NFS Underground 2.
    I don't deserve anything, but I'd like to win because I've never played a F1 games before and I would like to get into them.
    PS4 - the original Colin McRae Rally on PS1 - McRae was one of my favorite racing drivers, and I have so many good memories of playing head to head races with my brother and friends.
    Favorite racing game is Gran Turismo, the first one. There was nothing like it before and it was revolutionary. Why do I DESERVE to win? Not sure but I was lurking and then a member of the forums years ago, so there's that.
    Colin McRae Rally for the Playstation is my favorite racing game ever, who can forget the long winter weekends lost to shaving off a few second from that Swedish Rally, the sense of speed and the feeling of always being almost out of control and this was before any rollbacks so when you made a mistake you could start all over!!
    Platform: Xbox
    PS4 Edition
    Favorite racing game is probably the Mario Kart series!  That counts right?!
    I've gotten into the Formula 1 Drive to Survive series on Netflix and it would be awesome to compete (virtually) against those guys.
    Console - Xbox One
    My favourite racing game would have to be Forza Horizon 1 just because it was the first in my favourite racing game series right now.
    Finally the reason why I should win this competition is because I never win anything lol.
    Fav Game: Original Toca Race Driver...Great times!!
    Why Me:Sharing is caring.. Show a European brother some love..:p
    One of my fondest memories as a kid was playing the first Formula 1 on PlayStation with my dad. We would always take turns playing in a season with Schumacher, so this version would be awesome to have.
    Xbox one myself. I think my favourite racing game would be need for speed underground 2 as it was the first game that got me deeply involved into cars as a hobby. can't imagine the hours I spent on that game with endless fun. now I'm more into the sim style games and F1 2019 was my first F1 game. I loved it! hopefully I can get F1 2020 this year! thanks for the contest 
    PS4...favorite racing game ever is actually Narcar Racing 2003, I used to play that daily in college and loved making cars in the paint shop. I have a lot of fond memories of that game.
    Why I should win?
    because Stone Cold said so...
    Xbox One
    My favorite racing game ever is the original Gran Turismo on PS1. I remember reading PS Magazine and looking at the roster in awe before it released in NA and being super excited. Close second is Nascar Racing 2003 by Papyrus.
    Bonus Question: Because everyone deserves a little good in their life ;)
    Xbox One:
    My favorite racing game is Tokyo Xtreme Racer.
    Beating the leaders of each car club and working your way up the 13 devils was a great grind!
    PC; favorite racing game would probably be NASCAR Heat. I would like the F1 2020 game because I barely get used to have games since our family is really poor and would like a chance to win a game I had so much hype since it's official trailer. I love motorsport, especially F1.
    Console: Xbox One
    Favorite Racing Game: Formula One Championship Edition.  It was the first racing game I got for PS3 and I probably look at it now through rose colored glasses, but it was the game that got me into F1.
    Reason I Should Win: Been a big fan of the site for many years and I'm still playing F1 2016, so it would be nice to  update. 
    Steam or Xbox
    NFS Underground and Burnout are my two favorites. It’s more of a nostalgia bias remembering how I spent hours in those games as a kid. Would absolutely love NFS Underground remake for new consoles... I guess one can dream.
    Favorite Racing Game of all time was Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005).   I played it on the original XBox.  The gameplay, graphics, sounds, customization and corny story mode all came together perfectly for its time. 
    I deserve to win because if I were from a cartoon I would be an Autobot, which is basically a race car. 
    System: Xbox 
    Favorite racing game? Probably any of the horizons but F1 2017 was my first formula 1 game and loved it so much went and got a copy for my old man. 
    My favorite racing game is Project Cars 2.
    I've been a fan of Formula 1 for many years, and I've heard great things about F1 2020.
    I recently got a new steering wheel, so I'd love to try it out on the game.
    PS4 player.
    Honestly probably Burnout 3: Takedown. I played the heck out of that game.
    Why I deserve to win?  I have never been a real F1 game fan but, with the new Team Management mode I am all in. I don't know why but, I have always been more of a manager sim player when it comes to the non-traditional sports in the U.S. I was the guy who played NFL head coach and I learned to like soccer because of the Championship/Football Manager series. That is all a round about way to say that I would appreciate the new features the game provides.
    System: PS4
    Favorite racing game of all time is Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat. Put so many quarters into that Arcade machine.
    Could finally put my F1 Thrustmaster wheel attachment to good use.
    Xbox One.
    My favorite game is Gran Turismo 2 based on pure nostalgia. That was my first exposure to non-arcade racing games and I've been hooked ever since.
    Favorite racing game of all time is a toss up between Motor City Online and World of Outlaws on the ps2.
    This is my 3rd year of watching and following F1. Absolutely love the sport and can’t wait to attend a race hopefully next year after all of this covid crap chills. Even got the wife into thanks to Netflix!
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    PS4 or Steam for me :bump: You guys are generous and congrats in advance to whoever wins !
    Favorite racing game no question is: Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4. It was based on the Formula One 2001 season. A racing game so genius and way ahead of its time. It was the first racing game to use Trackside video screens. It was the first to use trackside "heat waves". It is the only game to my knowledge to use Doppler Weather which means if it could dynamically rain on certain parts of the track.
    It was also the first game to have a racing line in wet conditions. If you drove outside the racing line the car would lose grip or traction. The AI was intensely smart and humanlike making passes at the most opportune time and was great at shutting the door on you if you attempted a pass. The AI would typically followup by putting the pressure on for another overtake. The AI was not shy about racing door to door.
    It was the first racing game to properly use reliability in the game. I lost races because of blown engines, electrical issues, clutch failures and transmission problems. I can recall losing 5th gear or being stuck in 4th gear during the race. I also had tire failures. I remember one time where my car got stuck in a certain gear and I was able to fix it by shifting in and out of gear.
    But it wasn't only me, the AI was also subject to the same problems. What made it more realistic was that the percentage of failures went up for the mid pack and backmarker teams.
    The graphics still hold up today 20 yrs ago. It was the first racing game to use dynamic shadows and dynamic reflections. Geoff Crammond went out with arguably a Formula One game that even Codemasters as great as they are has not been duplicated.
    The game was also highly mod-able as at one time I had mods for the 1988, 1991, 1992, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Formula One seasons as well as the GP2 and DTM series.
    Too bad Geoff Crammond decided to call it quits after completing Grand Prix 4 or by its more common name GP4
    Xbox One.
    My favorite racing game was Gran Turismo 3.   It was a blast filling up memory cards with cars taking over a friend's house to race.  Haven't had that much fun in a racing game in a long time .
    My favorite racing game ever is F1 2019. The series just keeps getting better and better.
    Why I deserve it: So that F1 2020 can become my favorite racing game ever :)
    PC gamer here (Steam)
    My favorite racing game is Gran Turismo 4. That game is the was the reason why i fell in love with motorsports. At that time, I remember getting grounded for 1 month by my parents for leaving my household PS2 turned on overnight to complete the 24H Le Mans and that's why i deserve to win this giveaway :lol::lol:
    NASCAR Racing 2 for Windows. My college buddy and I would wreck the field in an attempt to get the late, great Dick Trickle his first ever NASCAR victory. Best we ever got him to was 2nd place.
    Why I deserve it? I've run out of Last Podcast on the Left episodes to listen to, and Kevin and Bean has been cancelled, so my entertainment options are slowly dwindling.
    Favorite racing game of all time is Gran Turismo 3.  It taught me so much about racing and cars in general. Excited to hopefully have a deep career like it in GT7.
    Winning would be awesome for me right now. New baby on the way and I'll be home for a couple months. The new my team mode looks awesome and would be cool in my downtime.
    Favorite racing game of all time is Road Rash 2, used to camp around the Genesis for hours playing with a group of friends, knocking bikers off their bikes with flailing chains never got boring!
    I deserve to win because I'm Welsh and we never win anything, so come on guys, go for the underdog :-)
    PlayStation 4
    **Im going WAAAY back with my favorite. Favorite racing game of all time is Mario Andretti racing for the Sega Genesis. AND, I deserve a free copy of F1 2020 because it’ll be my first time owning a racing game since Mario Andretti racing...HELP ME GET BACK IN THE GAME!!!**
    Xbox One. My favorite racing game is the first Forza Horizon. That game got me hooked on racing games am I am now looking to get into a game that requires more strategy than just racing flat out the entire time like in the FH series.
    My favorite racing game has to be the first gran turismo on the og Playstation 1, it was my first contact with racing games, at the time it was incredible, i've never seen something like it, it is in my heart forever.
    As far as reasons to win, i hope i do, i'm brazilian, things are not looking good here, access to games is becoming harder every year due to the ridiculous prices of games here, it is almost impossible to buy games on their launches.
    Xbox One.
    Favorite racing game has to be Need For Speed: Underground 2! Remember coming home from school to fire up the PS2 and spending hours on it! Really hope they do a remaster in the future.
    System: PS4
    Favorite racing - ExciteBike for NES. Just a classic, fun to play game that somehow still has replay value.
    Reason to win - I'm old. Old people need hope right now. On second though, everyone needs hope right now. Free games for all!
    Xbox one
    favorite ring game: World of Outlaws - grew up watching them at Eldora and loved playing the game.  It was one of the first that had dirt flying in your face and had really good physics.  
    Ps4 please.
    DiRT2 - amazing series and this was the high point. I’d have picked 3 but Ghymkana or whatever it’s called really sucked the life out of me and 2 the career mode really was great.
    My favorite racing game of all time was Geoff Crammond GP racing on pc. Definitely dating myself.
    The reason I should win a copy or s because I am married with three kids and my wife doesn’t really let/like it when I spend money on games. (She hates video games) anyway, I just bought Assetto Corsa Competizione so I won’t be buying F1 2020 anytime soon but would love to play it. Thanks for the consideration.
    Favorite racing game is Need for speed underground 2
    I would love to win because I love formula one and I am the biggest Ferrari fan which makes Schumacher my hero :)
    Xbox One please.
    Favourite game has to be Forza Motorsport 4. It had a wide range of vehicles and tracks and it had a real community feel to it thanks to its Clubs system
    Both Xbox One X and PS 4. I love the original Project Cars. The GTR series on PC. Colin McRae on PC. F1 games going back to the version for PS3, and EA's series for PC. Forza is good. Currently in practice mode with ACC.
    Favorite racing game was the one that got me into racing games, Super Monaco GP. That it's 30 years later and I can still rattle off team names is probably a tribute to my obsession. Getting that smug Madonna team driver stuck on Zeroforce is still one of my favorite racing achievements.
    PC Version
    My favourite racing game ever is probably Burnout 3. It's the first racing game I ever finished to completion. It had tight handling, which made it really fun to drive around, and the soundtrack was banging to boot!
    As for the reason, I haven't played F1 Games in a while, but 2020 looks like it has some amazing features, and that just makes me want to play it more!
    Console: Xbox One.
    Favourite racing game would have to be F1 2010. The game that made me love the sport was my first ever experience of it and the only time I've been able to get through 5+ seasons of career mode. I remember starting off with Lotus with Heikki Kovalainen before eventually going to Red Bull then Ferrari. 10 years later I still love the sport and the F1 series. Would love to win as I have always made F1 a day one purchase and have finally gotten a wheel so I'm not on the pad!
    Favorite racing game growing up was Colin McRae rally or nfs hot pursuit. I was laid off because of corona, so buying new video games is out of the question for a bit. I’ve put hundreds of hours in previous F1 games and I’m eager to play this year’s edition.
    My favorite racing game of all time was Outrun in the arcade.
    I don’t deserve to win but if I must give a reason it’s because I am a cheap *** and don’t like paying $60 for games.
    Mario Kart 64, because anybody could pick it up and play.
    If I had this game it would give me a good excuse to buy a steering wheel for my PS4.
    I have a PS4, and my favorite race game was super nintendo mario cart! I love the F1 games, but that game brings me pure stupid joy.
    PS4 please, thanks! I have many favorite racing games but I’d go for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, as this was my gateway game to have my wife play videogames and now this is something we share together. I think I deserve to win because with the money I’ll save by winning this contest, I’ll use it to buy a racing setup! I’m currently eyeing a Logitech G29 and a racing seat and mount. I’ve played numerous F1 games before but always on a controller, never on a wheel. Winning here would be a good start! Thanks!
    I would love a Steam copy, thanks. My favorite racing game (just for the sheer amount of fun I've had) for me is Pet Racer that I got for free alongside a box of cereal when I was 9.
    A PS4 copy of this game would be awesome.  My favorite racing game of all time would have to be Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec .  This game was my first true racing sim purchase  back in 2002 and really got me into the simulation racing genre.  As you know GT3 A-Spec was a pretty deep game and the amount of time I poured into this game was insane.  I can still remember the late nights I spent as a youth playing through championship races, license tests and unlocking all kinds of cars while on the quest to achieve 100% overall completion.
    My favourite racing game is hard to pin down. Got a lot of enjoyment from Race Driver: GRID, the Project Gotham series and Forza Motorsport 2 back on my 360, love a bit of Mario Kart in a multiplayer setting, and these days play quite a bit of the Monster Energy Supercross series on my PS4.
    This is a tough call between Need for Speed Underground, Mario Kart, Colin McRae Rally, the early F1 Ps2 games and Dirt.
    I think Need for Speed Undergound is my answer as me and my friends spent so much time on this on split screen and then also working through the career alternating turns, and just trying to get that perfect line was so important. So to finally replicate the split screen gaming once again with F1 2020 would be perfect
    A PC copy would be great. Fave racing game? Probaby Mario Kart, that counts right? Played it to death as a kid, absolutely loved it, especially playing with friends. Why should I win? I was looking to buy a wheel, but I couldn't afford to get this game and a steering wheel, so getting a chance to get this game for free would be great!
    Platform : PS4
    Favorite racing game : Tough one. When I was young it was Grand Prix 2, but I really liked the sense of progression with Need for Speed Porsche. Honorable mention to Gran Turismo 2.
    STEAM version! I need to get my racing fix - I've loved the previous F1 games, but I have to admit that I'm disappointed that this year doesn't include VR.
    Steam for PC please.
    My favorite racing game of all time was rock n roll racing for super Nintendo. When I was a kid my friends and I would spend hours listening to the music and racing each other.
    Favorite Racing game would have to be the Codies F1 games. Every year they get better and better so each year is my favorite :)
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!
    Xbox One
    I absolutely love the F1 series, I've played it on pretty much every console I've ever had.. The one I have right now is 2017, so getting the new 2020 one would be so awesome.
    STEAM for PC
    I've played everything from Street Rod, to Indy 500, and everything since then.  Gotta say, favorite? Forza Horizon 4.  Game looks phenomenal, the cars are immensely rewarding to drive, I love upgrading and customizing the cars, and there's always something to do.  And its the game that got my 10 year old liking cars and racing games.
    Gran Turismo 5 I absolutely loved, but my wife hated due to the amount of time I spent getting those crazy Red Bull X2010 cars. 
    I should win because I'm back in school and really don't have the luxury of frivolous spending anymore, but still love my racing games!
    Steam.. i think i would have to go with iracing.. people care more about racing cleanly (most of the time). The consequences for behaving badly are higher which can make for better racing! 
    PS4 version! Gotta go back to the early Nascar Thunder days or even Flag to Flag on the Dreamcast. But I’ve always enjoyed the F1 games. Also...buying a house can’t spend money on video games right now or the wife would kill me haha.
    I have a pc which I've recently assembled.
    So I'm entering for steam.
    I've an old G29 wheel & I've never own an F1 game before.
    So racing game with a racing wheel will be awesome & thank you for this chance.
    Before having this pc I used to play with my cousin in his xbox.
    I would have been asking for xbox one but sadly my g29 doesn't work in xbox so!!
    Thank you again
    PS4 or Xbox One (would be thankful for either one!)
    Favorite racing game of all time— wreckfest has been a blast. Hard to choose from the NASCAR games over the years and you can’t go wrong with the Mario Kart, Forza or Gran Turismo series.. I guess you can say I can’t choose.
    Why I deserve to win?  I have four kids — please send help, and the game! :)
    Favorite racing game: NR2003. Still play regularly all the years later thanks to a great modding community.
    I deserve it because I bought NASCAR Heat 5 and should have known better. Gaming gods should feel bad for letting that slip out into the world.
    I forgot to mention my favorite racing game of all time when I entered a couple of days ago. Arcade: Forza Horizon 3 (Hot Wheels was the best). Simcade: Really loved Gran Turismo 6 and and the dynamic weather/flexibility in Project Cars 2.
    I prefer PS4, but I own a One S as well.
    Pretty sure I don't "deserve" a copy, but I'd sure love one. As much as I want to get this I'm probably going to have to wait until Black Friday to pick it up.

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