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Golf With Your Friends Patch and Corrupted Forest Course Available Today

golf with your friends corrupted forest

Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends Patch and Corrupted Forest Course Available Today

Team17 has released their Golf With Your Friends – Corrupted Forest Course today for $1.99 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. The course features nine increasingly difficult holes rewarding players with an exclusive animated Corrupted Crown for finishing under par.

Keep in mind only the host needs to own the DLC in order for a complete group of 12 to participate. You can acquire all the fresh achievements by joining a public lobby or playing with a friend who possesses it.

  • Brand New Challenging 9 hole ‘Corrupted Forest’ Course DLC.
  • New ‘Horrifying Headgear’ Themed Cosmetic Pack (5 Animated Hats)
  • ‘Corrupted Crown’ item added as reward for completing ‘Corrupted Forest’ Under par
  • Corrupted Forest items added to Level editor
  • Non resetting water added to level editor
  • 4 new Achievements and Trophies

The team also addressed some of the bugs in the game with the latest patch. Check out the patch notes below.

  • Shadow appearance improvement
  • Multiple Assets rotation is fixed in level editor
  • Multiple collision issues resolved
  • Missing textures fixed under certain graphical settings
  • Further out of bounds reset issues resolved
  • Fixed instances of Z-fighting on several courses
  • Fixed several broken assets in Level Editor
  • Fixed a known crash when leaving Bouncy Castle on PS4
  • Honey Blob traps now persist after second placement in same turn
  • Shots from under the basket in Dunk no longer count
  • Quarterslide_deep softlock fixed in level editor
  • Text entry is now kept in level editor naming fields if you press return
  • Players will no longer be placed into the wrong courses if they were in practice when the match started
  • The title will no longer freeze while loading large numbers workshop courses in level select
  • PC players can now focus local player renaming fields using controllers

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