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FIFA 20 Sliders: OS Community Sliders 3-Set Special

fifa 20 sliders


FIFA 20 Sliders: OS Community Sliders 3-Set Special

Matt10 and the OS FIFA community have been hard at work all year trying to perfect and tweak sliders that work for a majority of folks in FIFA 20. Version 3 came out a couple days ago, and it also came with two other sets of sliders that you can use to help modify your experience. To put it another way, think of version 3 as the base sliders, and then the other two sets are there to help you tweak the game if you want it a little harder or want to tweak the game to work better with shorter halves.

As always, Matt has a detailed breakdown of everything that was changed and everything that’s in these sliders. The YouTube video also has timestamps so you can jump around and find what you’re looking for in these. On top of that, you can head to the community sliders thread on OS to give feedback and join the conversation. In that same thread, you can also see all the sliders and the values for everything you need to change.

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