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FIFA 20 FUT: Shapeshifters Olaza SBC Joins the Program

fut shapeshifters olaza


FIFA 20 FUT: Shapeshifters Olaza SBC Joins the Program

The Shapeshifters program continues on in FIFA 20 FUT with a Lucas Olaza SBC sandwiched together with a new loan SBC.

fut shapeshifters olaza

La Liga – Small Prime Gold Players pack

  • Minimum 1 La Liga player
  • Minimum 1 in-form player
  • Minimum 84 overall squad rating
  • Minimum 80 team chemistry

85-Rated Squad – Prime Electrum Players pack

  • Minimum 1 in-form player
  • Minimum 85 overall squad rating
  • Minimum 75 team chemistry

Price: About 110-115K according to FUTBin

Quick Analysis: There is a loan version available, so I don’t need to say too much here because any of you can try him out for cheap. However, this does not look like an amazing card, but the price isn’t bad. I worry about links and just finding a good spot for Olaza overall. He has high-high work rates with 90 stamina so he’s going to be all over the field, but he’s not really amazing at passing or dribbling. He looks like he has some potential on long shots, but overall, this card might just not be good enough in one area or well balanced enough overall to function on a lot of teams.

Shapeshifters Loan Player

fut shapeshifters loan

Price: About 5-7K

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