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FIFA 20 FUT: Ligue 1 SBC



FIFA 20 FUT: Ligue 1 SBC

Another week, another League SBC. This one involves Ligue 1, and it will net you a unique Myziane Maolida or Thomas Delaine if you can complete the 20 challenges.

These do not look like the strongest SBCs, and the cost right now is relatively prohibitive. As of this writing, FUTBin has the cost at roughly 200K, and the packs associated with some of these challenges just are not impressive enough to warrant chasing these. I expect the prices to obviously come down in the coming days and weeks, but pace is the standout element for these cards. That being said, I still like this direction for the League SBCs. There’s a focus on some “lesser known” players and also trying to upgrade positions that are somewhat lacking in the related league to beef them up to compete with some of the other heavyweight leagues.


Beyond the League SBC, it’s a light day for FUT updates coming off the removal of Screams from the pack pool. We got our new Featured Squad Battle with Jadon Sancho, which I mention purely to remind you to get some easy Squad Battle points. Beyond that, the promo pack is your standard Premium Electrum Players pack.

Otherwise, it’s time to start looking at the market and just thinking what Champions League matchups will be posted tomorrow, and also planning for the next Team of the Week.

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