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FIFA 17: The Beautiful Game Reigns


FIFA 17: The Beautiful Game Reigns

As a somewhat late adopter of digital purchases, my consoles have a strictly monogamous relationship with footy games on disc. FIFA 17 on the Xbox One and PES 2017 on the PS4 are both on disc format, living peacefully under the same roof with only the TV input separating them. Let’s just say I’m married to the game, just don’t tell my wife.

As the new titles release, following their evolution and subsequent patches is a ritual all in itself. From tweaking sliders to staying abreast of the impressions from the community, the commitment to FIFA 17 requires time and your full attention. It’s with that being said that I’ll take a look at the current state of affairs.

What Has Changed Since Launch?

To date, FIFA 17 has already seen one update that addressed several bugs, gameplay issues, as well as provided the new EPL presentation package. Among the more notable patch notes were updates to address player switching, oddly poor out of the box when compared to FIFA 16, and a much needed increase in CPU AI relating to attacking AI. Despite this tweak to the CPU AI, i have failed to notice much difference when it comes to defending the AI. Top-level clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea and so on are still too tame and field suspect lineups (another supposed tweak) making them easy pickings in career mode.

Easily the most recognizable change has come in the form of the updated EPL broadcast package. From pre-match overlays to in-game updates and score tickers, the EPL package has finally been added and helps bring that added touch of authenticity to the most popular league in the world.

Lastly shooting has been tweaked to be more “responsive.” In my playing time post-update, I’ve noticed slight changes for the better when it comes to finesse shots, but overall shooting was just fine for me pre-patch. However, take note that I’m a fully manual player so the control and overall responsiveness of shooting often comes down to manual input.

What You Are Finding Is The Most Enjoyable Play Experience?

As a “career mode guy” it pains me to admit this publicly, but I’m finding myself spending more and more time with online friendlies. Despite being halfway through my career mode, the variety and challenge you receive from playing another human has not been replicated against the AI. Despite its flaws on default slider settings, the uniqueness of each match against a buddy has been a very rewarding experience — even if I do find myself on the losing end of the contest.

With little hope for patching in new career mode features, I will continue to balance out the monotone AI with an equally matched human player in hopes of getting the most out of FIFA 17.

Is the Game Still Worth Buying New?

In the current age of continuous post-release support, games such as FIFA 17 will continue to receive updates to increase the user experience. It’s with that in mind that I can say FIFA 17 is still worth buying at this point despite the shortcomings in career mode. As the real-life European football season continues to unfold, the plethora of licenses and updates will keep this title fairly fresh (think a few days before the milk expires and it has that “iffy” smell to it) and a staple in your gaming rotation, especially for Xbox One users who miss out on the complete experience that PES 2017 offers on the PS4 with Option Files.

While FIFA still lags behind market innovators such as NBA 2K and Madden, the popularity of the the game worldwide, when coupled with the solid online experience (ability to quickly find a match), makes this game “beautiful enough” to warrant your hard earned cash. Just be sure to shop around a little as several retailers, online and in-store, have dropped the price in an attempt to scoop up those of us who were “on the fence.”

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