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F1 Manager 2022 Patch 1.06 Fixes Cutscenes, Pit Stops, Race Simulation & More - Patch Notes

f1 manager 2022 patch 1.6

F1 Manager 2022

F1 Manager 2022 Patch 1.06 Fixes Cutscenes, Pit Stops, Race Simulation & More - Patch Notes

F1 Manager 2022 patch 1.06 has arrived on all platforms fixing cutscenes, pit stops, race simulation and much more. Check out the patch notes below.


  • Further adjustments to AI teams’ behaviour when signing reserve drivers


  • Fixed Alpha Tauri livery appearing offset from car body
  • Fixed issue with livery appearance on Scuderia AlphaTauri and Oracle Red Bull Racing cars

Car Parts and Development 

  • Fixed issue causing any newly-fitted gearboxes to incorrectly inherit the wear/damage levels of the previous gearbox
  • Reduced car performance impact of adding ‘Focus’ to new part designs


  • Fixed instances of floating tyres appearing during some cutscenes
  • Fixed issue causing the cutscene camera to sometimes appear underground
  • Fixed issue that caused commentary to mention drivers being at the front of the grid, when they were at the back of the grid

Pit Stops 

  • Fixed visual issues when a team ‘double stacks’ their pit stops

Player Profile 

  • All-time records for the highest ever income in a season, and the highest ever team rating, are now stored in-game

Race Simulation 

  • Fixed the issue of incomplete laps times being included when looking for the fastest qualifying lap
  • Fixed an issue causing cars to repeatedly teleporting back to the garage after a DNF
  • Yellow flags will no longer be shown for cars already returned to the garage after the chequered flag
  • Fixed issue where drivers who had only completed their out lap are listed at the top of the standings after a Practice session
  • Further balancing of potential track incidents at Zandvoort
  • Fixed an issue causing tyres to be treated as ‘fresh’ tyres when comparing the lap time and ‘life time’ in Qualifying options screen


  • Fixed crash that could occur when attempting to launch the game on PC
  • Fixed hard lock that could occur during the ‘lights out’ sequence at the start of a race
  • Increased performance when advancing time when playing later seasons
  • Fixed a softlock in onboarding if the Race Preparation tutorial is started whilst the car part fitting tutorial is in progress
  • Fixes for instances of a soft lock that could occur during replays

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Once I started getting into the specifics of the game, I started making choices like where to allocate the funds while ensuring I stayed within F1 regulations. I also had to choose which driver got the newest equipment, where to spend development points, which sponsorships made the most sense for the team, and had to keep both my drivers happy.

A lot is going on all at once, which is the primary superficial responsibility that was part of my job title. Once I had control over those aspects, it was time to work with the engineers, R&D department, and media. Most of these are simple choices, but they still had an impact.

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