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F1 2020 Patch Available - Team Also Aware of Users Missing Pitcoins, Patch Notes Here


F1 2020

F1 2020 Patch Available - Team Also Aware of Users Missing Pitcoins, Patch Notes Here

F1 2020 game update 1.03 (Xbox One) and 1.04 (PlayStation 4) is available now. Steam and Stadia users will not see this particular patch. Check out the patch notes below.

F1 2020 Patch Notes (Xbox One)

  • Fixed a crash when using the Schumacher or RaceNet items going into My Team
  • Reduced the penalties given to players during safety car periods to the correct values to prevent unfair disqualifications
  • Addressed an issue where a number of players or AI would be disqualified incorrectly after passing the safety car
  • Addressed an issue where race results could be incorrect after disconnecting and re-joining an online session

F1 2020 Patch Notes (PlayStation 4)

  • Fixed an issue specific to PS4 which caused Leaderboards to appear blank and could cause a perpetual load in certain circumstances.

Also of note, while F1 2020 has accurately recreated the original 2020 season, including both Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort, it’s not going to be possible to add new circuits to the revised 2020 season. The latest car liveries and team colors, including Mercedes AMG Petronas, will be added soon, as a digital update.

The team is also aware that some users on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Steam haven’t received their Pitcoins yet. They are working on getting them to you as soon as possible. If you have been affected, let them know in this thread.


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  1. Started my career in F2 and Im currently at Monaco so I have time before the liveries and other bugs are patched in. Will wait till then to start the F1 part of my career.
    So..does PC not experience this issues? or why no release for Steam?

    I believe PC was on this version day 1. Version 1.03 was delayed for Xbox due to MS certification issues. PS4 is at 1.04 as a separate patch was issued for an issue specific to PS4. PC and XB are at 1.03 I believe which is the "day 1 edition/patch" & same for PS4 with one separate update for what I believe was an issue with time trial mode on PS4. Next update will be 1.05 on all platforms apparently.
    PC got a 1.05 patch today:
    * Fixed a crash that would occur after beating a rival in Time Trial
    * Players will no longer be incorrectly disqualified for not using the mandatory tyres during a race
    * Qualifying times seen on the grid rundown are now correct
    * Gearbox wear is no longer scaled based on season length
    * Fixed the missing heads on the podium in Multiplayer
    * Speeding when the Virtual Safety Car is ending will now correctly penalise clients in a multiplayer session
    * When using a wheel car controls will no longer control the camera at race start
    * Vietnam track introduction video now shows the correct number of DRS zones
    * The character walking on water during the introduction cutscene at Australia now correctly has a boat to stand on
    * Fixed Sponsor logos on suits appearing stretched in certain conditions.
    * Fixed several end of season Sponsor payments.
    * Improved abrupt Force Feedback issue under braking on Direct Drive wheels
    * A use flashback prompt will now be shown the first time the player goes off track or collides with another vehicle
    * Numerous text and localisation fixes
    * Various other stability and bug fixes

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