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F1 2020 Interview Reveals More Details on My Team and Career Modes, New Circuits & Two-Player Split-Screen


F1 2020

F1 2020 Interview Reveals More Details on My Team and Career Modes, New Circuits & Two-Player Split-Screen

Redbull has posted an interview with F1 2020 game director, Lee Mather, as they dive into the details of the new My Team mode, what’s new in career mode, new circuits and two-player split-screen.

How does the driver-manager experience work in My Team, and what does it mean for players?

It brings an entirely new experience to our F1 series, giving players a very different way to go about winning a World Championship. You’ll want to put in a strong performance on the track, but if you don’t take care of your second driver, and help them to improve, you’ll struggle to become a constructors champion. As the team boss, you’re no longer the commodity in the driver market, and it’s your team-mate and all of the other drivers in both Formula 1 and Formula 2. Another primary consideration will be funding and expenditure. Picking the right sponsors and knowing where to invest will be crucial. You might want a high-profile driver, and have the cash to hire them, but they won’t stick around if you can’t provide the level of facilities they expect of a championship-winning team.

What are the new additions to Career Mode? What do you think are the most exciting inclusions?

As I’m sure most people will recall, we added in driver moves in F1 2019. With the inclusion of My Team and driver market, we’ve brought a similar system to the Driver Career. As part of the driver market, you’ll be competing with all other drivers around you to get the best seat you can, at the best price. We’ve also made some adjustments to how the R&D system works.

Make sure to visit Redbull to read the entire interview.

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  1. The My Team mode sounds interesting. Pretty involved. Maybe more involved than I'd want it to be, but I guess that's a good thing as long as it's not too cumbersome. I dont want it to take away from the racing. Id have been happy with just inserting an 11th team into career mode, that starts as a backmarker and let me grow it from there within the regular career mode, but this sounds like career mode on steroids for your team. I'm curious how the F1/F2 driver pool works for picking your driver. Wonder if this means we'll actually have that "farm system" of drivers who might move up to replace others. It'll be interesting to see how that works for the other F1 teams, or if it's just there for our own team.

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