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Every City Jersey and Court in NBA 2K21 in Glorious 4K

every city jersey and court in nba 2k21

NBA 2K21

Every City Jersey and Court in NBA 2K21 in Glorious 4K

One of the enjoyable aspects of a new NBA season is waiting for the NBA to unveil all the new jerseys and courts throughout the league. We now have every City uniform and court in NBA 2K21 (with the Knicks being a lone exception due to a bug). Brian showcases all these new looks in a 4K video on the PS5.

We’ll let you decide what look you think is best, but San Antonio, Miami and Charlotte are probably my top three for jerseys. As for City courts, I’m into the Warriors and Nets bringing back old designs from terrible eras in their history but putting a fun spin on them. There’s always something oddly quaint about being able to look back at eras when your team usually sucked with some fondness now that better things have happened for a franchise.

Thanks for all the support lately by the way. We’re about to hit 9.5K subs on YouTube, and at this rate we can probably hit 10K right around when the calendar flips to 2021.


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  1. City Jersey rankings (just top ones):
    1. Spurs
    2. Heat
    3. Hornets
    Court rankings:
    1. Dubs
    2. Nets
    What ya got?
    Also thanks again for all the support lately on our videos!
    Black jersey are still grey...

    2k knows because they fixed the city jerseys for Philly, Cleveland and Chicago. I use Phoenix and Portland and those jerseys look so bad I don’t ever want to use them, why does 2k do this stuff knowing darn well we gotta fix it eventually.

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