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EA's Skate is Making a Return


EA's Skate is Making a Return

Skate 3 released way back in 2010 and fans have been asking for Skate 4 ever since. Today, during the EA Play Live 2020 event, it was confirmed… Skate is making a return.

No official word on whether or not this is the rumored mobile version of Skate 3, or if it’s actually Skate 4. But I’d bet the new Skate game (whatever they end up calling it) is coming to the next-gen consoles.

Skate 3 looks great, enhanced on the Xbox One. So if you’re feeling an itch to play again, get on it.


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  1. I think about 5 minutes before the presser started they said "Shit this thing sucks, what can we do last minute to fix it?"  The idea they came up with was to announce a new skate game.  How do they have absolutely nothing, not a trailer, not even screen shots.. nothing.  No way they didn't just decide to do this in last day or so.
    I hope they took some notes from Session and Skater XL on control scheme, but specifically Session. I really like how you have to go about catching your board and even sticking big impact landings. The hardcore guys will really appreciate this option.
    I go onto YouTube to see the crazy combos and arcade style way that people played Skate 3, and that is completely opposite of what I'm looking for. I'm sure EA is going to look to cater toward that crowd yet again, but the hardcore elements are also going to be very welcomed.

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