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EA Sports College Football - New Tech Discussed for Player Likenesses

EA Sports College Football Player Likenesses

EA Sports College Football

EA Sports College Football - New Tech Discussed for Player Likenesses

In this video, Prince discusses new tech EA may use to “seamlessly” update player likenesses for EA Sports College Football. It’s starting to feel real again, and this news bit EA dropped earlier this month we felt was just worth another chat as we gear up for another year of college football where there’s no video game tied to it.

2022 (or more likely 2023) can’t come soon enough.


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  1. I think Prince may be slightly confused. This news doesn't exactly mean that EA has a system in place that will have the player faces looking like the real players. Likeness in this instance can simply mean the tech can draw all of the measurables and other information like jersey number, hometown, etc. and seamlessly put it into the game saving the team massive amounts of time as they don't have to input all of it manually and only have to review the data.
    If they have a database that is similar to that of each team's roster page on their website that displays Name, Position, Number, Height, Weight, Hometown/State, Class, etc. and all of that can be input into the roster at the click of a button, that's going to save their own roster makers loads of time.
    I would assume this is what EA is talking about.
    Now it is possible they could also have tech that at least can take the players picture and also pick out a model that has the right tone of skin that also matches. That's not groundbreaking, and if they're going to simply have a big library of generic heads like in the past, then that is certainly a possibility. The tech could see a picture of Trevor Lawrence and then essentially color match to keep it simple and pick the appropriate caucasian face.
    That again would save EA a massive amount of time if they only had to go through and review the data and player models to make sure they appear accurate. That's much quicker than needing to go in and build everyone up from scratch.
    EA could also have a more advanced tech of their old Game Face system that could take the players pictures from the school roster pages and then generates a 3D facial model. Out of the Park uses FaceGen to generate all of their face models in the game, but obviously they go for a slightly more cartoonish look than what this game will likely go for, but a more realistic face model is certainly a possibility.
    The point is that the tech definitely exists today, and has for years, that would allow EA to take the pictures from all of the school websites and generate unique face models for every player that is licensed in the game.
    That said, I wouldn't expect that to be the case. It's possible, but for now I'm personally going to expect EA to have another larger library of generic faces and the tech they're talking about is one that can draw in all of the other information like number, height, weight, position, class, hometown. That's still massive for the roster team. If we get more unique faces then that's a bonus, but given Madden doesn't even allow you to have unique faces for created players, I'm not expecting EA to put that in the college game.
    It's possible they'll take a different approach than Madden since it isn't feasible to get a face scan for the thousands of players that will potentially be in this game, but again, I'm not going to expect that. I'd love to see them go that route as it would be icing on the cake to have real players officially and some faces that are more accurate even if lower quality than a true face scan. It could even lead to the potential that recruits would have generated faces and not generic faces which would keep dynasties feeling more fresh, but we will have to wait and see what approach EA takes.
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