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EA Sports Announces Long Term Exclusive License Agreement with A.C. Milan and Inter Milan - AS Roma Partnership Ends



EA Sports Announces Long Term Exclusive License Agreement with A.C. Milan and Inter Milan - AS Roma Partnership Ends

After Konami announced last month, they would not renew their licensing contracts with A.C. Milan and Inter Milan, the writing was on the wall for EA Sports to step in.

And step in they did.

Today, EA Sports announced their long term exclusive licensing agreement with both teams.

“Continuing to elevate strategic club partnerships in Italy is crucial to our vision and commitment to grow the love of sport, and in this case, global football worldwide through authentic interactive experiences,” said Nick Wlodyka, Vice President & GM, EA SPORTS FIFA. “We look forward to offering fans an innovative and interactive FIFA experience for years to come.”

On another note, the partnership between EA Sports and AS Roma has come to an end. Going forward, AS Roma will be named Roma FC.

You can still expect to see the same AS Roma real-world, authentic players and related likenesses in EA SPORTS FIFA 21 and EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Player Chemistry within EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Ultimate Team will be unaffected by these changes.

With all of that said, here are a couple of FIFA 21 trailers featuring A.C. Milan and Inter Milan, in historic San Siro stadium, as well as 8 new FIFA 21 screenshots.


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  1. It's now getting to a point where PES is the better option with the use of 'option files'.
    Football Manager for me from now on for my football fix as PES and FIFA are unwittingly ruining each others game with this license war.
    And we, the customer, are the sore losers. PES is pretty big in Italy, but the clubs don't seem to care. It all about the money. Makes me wonder what EA pays them.
    In the end EA's money ruins sports gaming for a lot of people: first with their lousy NFL tactics and now with FIFA as well (though not on such a big notice).  They are afraid of the competition: 2k Sports and PES Productions/ Konami. Luckily for PS owners there are option files. Makes me wonder if 2k can do the same: build an American Football game and let the community make the official outfits..
    These long term partnerships are only hurting the gaming industry. Makes me sick to my stomach when a company with all that money can just go and buy these licenses. I for one will not be buying another EA game. I do have EA Access and will wait until it's made available on this platform. 

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