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Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020 Available Now

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020 Available Now

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020 is available now, at Wolverine Studios for $34.99.

Choose your favorite team and take them on their journey to the tournament. Recruit, gameplan and coach your squad as you prepare them for the most glorious championship in all of sports.

  • The entire UI has been redeveloped giving you the ability to easily move around your association while giving you access to the impressive amount of data and reports in the game.

  • The new dashboard screen in the game, gives you access to your roster, schedule, news and important information about your team and upcoming opponent. The top also contains a searchable drop down box with every team and conference – no more hunting through conferences to find a team you are looking for. Just type the name and you’ll find them.

  • For recruiting, you now have hotkeys for not only adding players to your watch and call lists, but also for the weekly recruiting functions. Each of those seven drop downs contain different ways you can filter out the recruits to your liking and your choices will remain saved. They also added things like color coding interest levels and giving you visual reminders, as to things like players you have already hosted for a visit.

  • Notice at the bottom of the screen a visual indicator for the fatigue levels of the players on the floor and you can see that all of your coaching options are now available to you, at all times, without having to switch back and forth between popups. You truly will feel in charge of your squad with all of these options just an easy click away.

  • Above you see one of the new features debuting this year – the recruit class screen. This gives you a scouting report from the in game media outlet which provides a look for each team at who they have signed, who they are offering scholarships to and who the WSSN feels is interested. It’s a new twist in recruiting and arms you with additional information when making your own recruiting plans.

  • There is a brand new insights screen that gives you some great new stats such as the bubble chart above showing efficiency vs. usage for your team vs the rest of your conference. As you can see there are a bunch of different options here including a very expanded lineup tracking option all to give you the most information possible in managing your team.

Here’s a short list of just some of the new features in the game this year:

  • There are now 353 teams to choose from in the game
  • Play by play logs can be generated for games
  • Scheduling has been redone to allow for 20 game conference schedules
  • Teams get use of an extra scholarship immediately when an underclassmen declares for the draft
  • The Tournament Maker feature has an option to auto generate an entire tournament bracket
  • In game improvements in presentation for things like the selection show and playing out tournament games from the championship tournament

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