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Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2018 Releases Today

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2018

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2018 Releases Today

It’s time to cut down the nets with DDS: College Basketball 2018, available today for PC users. Check out 10 of the newest additions to the game below and read more details, at the official website.

  • 2017 League Conversions
  • Coach Rating Tracking and Improved Increases
  • Rating Progression Tracking for Players
  • Coach Lineage Information
  • Improvements to AI in Recruiting and Tutoring
  • UI Improvements and New Information
  • Improvements to Walk-On and Recruit Generation
  • New Asst. Coach Poaching and Job Offer Improvements
  • Improvements in Relationship Feature
  • New End Game Improvements



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  1. Anybody have experience playing this? I'm intrigued as I love the sim aspect of recruiting in college basketball & football, but last year's version has really discouraging reviews on steam...
    How does this game company not get sued for copyright infringement by some of these universities? Even if you change the mascot name of Ohio State or Georgia Tech to something else, we all know what you actually mean. 
    Yes you can bribe players as well :)
    And definitely recommend checking this game out, played last years version and really enjoyed it, couldnt disagree with the steam reviews more to be honest. You can try the free demo i think you can play the entire season. There's also user made mods available with all the real teams.
    I highly recommend it. Been playing for several years and each version gets better. If you are into college and the recruiting aspect of the game it really does a very nice job. Plus gameplay is realistic as are stats
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    Is there a guide anywhere for this game? I played the demo, but it's not abundantly clear how certain things work in the game. I'm really struggling in the recruiting aspect specifically. I can't seem to get even 1 star players to be interested in my school.

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