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Division Series Postseason Program Adds Eight New Cards to MLB The Show 21

Postseason Kike Hernandez

MLB The Show 21

Division Series Postseason Program Adds Eight New Cards to MLB The Show 21

Coming off a solid set of cards for the Wild Card Program, we get eight new cards here for the just concluded Division Series. The Division Series Program totals up to 100 points, and you get all eight players while going through it. These cards are Postseason Jose Abreu, Postseason Rowdy Tellez, Postseason Randy Arozarena, Postseason Joc Pederson, Postseason Julio Urias, Postseason Lance McCullers Jr., Postseason Logan Webb, and Postseason Enrique Hernandez.

Division Series Postseason Program

Division Series Postseason program


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Like I did for the Wild Card players, I’ll look at some comparisons for these players where applicable. But I’m saving that for the end of the article.


Division Series Conquest Map

You just need to conquer all the territories to get the 30 points in the program.


Division Series Program Moments

There are eight moments, and each one is worth 4 points.

  • Rakes All Night Day Year
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Get on base 2 times
    • Tally 1 XBH
  • Walking Barrel
    • Difficulty: Rookie
    • Tally 2 hits
    • Hit 1 home run
  • Snap Dragon 1
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Strike out 9 batters
    • Do not give up 2 runs
  • Yes Way, Jose
    • Difficulty: Rookie
    • Tally 2 hits
  • Brew Crew Gets Rowdy
    • Difficulty: Rookie
    • Hit 1 home run
  • Mr. Joctober
    • Difficulty: Rookie
    • Hit 1 home run
  • Stuck In Logan’s Webb
    • Difficulty: All-Star
    • Pitch 7 innings
    • Do not give up 2 runs
  • Slow Heartbeat For Julio
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Strike out 5 batters
    • Do not give up 2 runs


  • Repeatable: Win games in the Postseason Events – 3 points (for each win)
  • Repeatable: Tally 25 total bases with players from the Wild Card Program – 10 points
  • Repeatable: Tally 10 strikeouts with players from the Wild Card Program – 10 points
  • Tally 7 hits with Red Sox players – 5 points
  • Tally 10 total bases with Rays players – 5 points
  • Tally 5 XBH with White Sox players – 5 points
  • Tally 3 home runs with Astros players – 5 points
  • Tally 10 strikeouts with Braves pitchers – 5 points
  • Tally 10 strikeouts with Brewers pitchers – 5 points
  • Tally 5 XBH with Dodgers players – 5 points
  • Tally 3 home runs with Giants players – 5 points


  • 10 points – The Show pack
  • 20 points – Universal profile icon
  • 30 points – Postseason Jose Abreu
  • 35 points – 1,000 stubs
  • 40 points – Postseason Rowdy Tellez
  • 45 points – Headliners pack (x2)
  • 50 points – Postseason Randy Arozarena
  • 55 points – The Show pack (x3)
  • 60 points – Postseason Joc Pederson
  • 65 points – Universal profile nameplate
  • 70 points – Postseason Julio Urias
  • 75 points – 1,500 stubs
  • 80 points – Postseason Lance McCullers Jr.
  • 85 points – 2,000 stubs, The Show pack (x3)
  • 90 points – Postseason Logan Webb
  • 95 points – Headliners pack (x2)
  • 100 points – Postseason Enrique Hernandez

Player Comparisons

Since it’s getting to be late in the year and we have multiple versions of many players, I will try to do this a bit more at times. Let’s run through the “special” versions of each player out there now.

Jose Abreu

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The new Jose Abreu card has much better overall contact numbers, plus better power against RHP. He has worse power against LHP. Postseason Abreu has better overall fielding stats and better vision as well. The Postseason Abreu also has some added quirks like Homebody and Quick Reflexes.

Randy Arozarena

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Both cards have the same power vs. LHP, but otherwise the new Postseason Randy Arozarena has much better hitting stats overall. Postseason Arozarena does have worse vision but better discipline and fielding stats. The Postseason Arozarena also gets souped up speed and stealing attributes. The Postseason Arozarena gets new quirks like Walker, Quick Reflexes, and Pressure Cooker.

Joc Pederson

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You get a slight boost to power against RHP with Postseason Joc Pederson, but he gets a major decrease in power against LHP. You offset that with much better overall contact numbers on the new card. Postseason Pederson also has better vision, much better fielding, and even a little more speed.

Julio Urias

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With Postseason Julio Urias you’re getting much better stamina and H/9. You also get a slight uptick in fastball speed. There is a slight decrease in changeup movement, but you’re getting a little more break on your slider now. Every pitch but the slider also has better control numbers now. The quirks are about the same on both cards.

Logan Webb

Postseason Logan Webb

Logan Webb does have a Topps Now card as well but I was on vacation that week and missed that version. Still, take my word for it that this new Logan Webb has better stamina and H/9 numbers. He also has boosted K/9 and BB/9 numbers. The changeup takes over as the second best pitch with this version (which makes sense after watching his two starts), and he gets a slight uptick in velocity on his fastballs. He has much better control of his changeup in the Postseason version now as well.

(Kike Hernandez has a gold version, but obviously this new diamond runs away with every category so it’s not worth making a comparison. McCullers Jr. and Tellez are getting their first special editions here with this program.)

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