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Best Franchise Mode In 2022: NBA 2K23 MyNBA

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NBA 2K23

Best Franchise Mode In 2022: NBA 2K23 MyNBA

The vote this year for the Best Franchise Mode in 2022 was a landslide. This should not be a shock to most, but our staff pick goes to NBA 2K23 MyNBA. The addition of MyEras was enough of a leap to secure the win on its own, but when also considering the fact that NBA 2K‘s franchise mode does more than any other console franchise mode by far, it made the choice that much easier. As of now, none of the other major players are on its level, and that gap only grew in 2022.

Best Franchise Mode In 2022: NBA 2K23 MyNBA

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It pains me to say this, but NBA 2K23 was the only franchise mode that seemed to take fans seriously this year — again, at least among the major titles. Everyone else mostly spun its wheels or crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. I don’t mean to say no other developers are trying out there, but the steps they’re taking are not good enough. On the other hand, while no one is going to say 2K’s franchise mode is perfect or without bugs/issues, they at least try to push the mode forward.

This year, that came in the form of MyEras. We have talked plenty about this new sub-mode during this awards season, so I won’t say much more other than it opened up a whole new way to experience NBA history. Recreating the past remains a powerful (and novel) tool developers can use to freshen up an otherwise familiar experience, and the 2K developers pounced on that opportunity in NBA 2K23. The thing is, even if you took out MyEras, it’s likely 2K still would have won this award.

NBA 2K23 MyNBA has the deepest analytical tools out there, the most you can do with trades and contracts, the best presentation, and the most you can do to change the look and feel of your team. It even has ways to change rules and the vibe of the NBA itself. No one else is doing as much as the 2K devs, and this was before they upped the ante with MyEras. If any team could have been the one to “ignore” franchise mode, they would have been the ones who maybe could have gotten away with it.

But they didn’t ignore the mode. They’re already probably years ahead of most of these other games, and they still seemingly put more resources behind the mode than any other development team out there. I don’t know how other teams close the gap, but I do hope they try harder to do just that in 2023. In the meantime, we’re happy to give this award to NBA 2K23.

Community Vote – NBA 2K23 MyNBA

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Surprise surprise, the OS community also picked MyNBA. MyEras has been a huge hit in the community, and I’ve loved reading every story a member posts about getting cooked by some all-time legend. It won with over 55 percent of the vote, and the next closest competitor was MLB The Show 22 at 26 percent.

So let’s talk about The Show a bit. I’m not shocked it still pulled in around 25 percent of the vote because it remains a comfy choice, and it’s a game that remains very popular on the site. It used to be a major competitor every season until some of the well known features like carryover saves and the ability to more easily use Sounds of the Show were pulled out of the next-gen version. Baseball is a sport that can thrive with a MyEras idea, and it’s one we as a community used often via Roster Share. SDS could implement an idea like MyEras all their own, but SDS just needs to take the mode more seriously in a general sense.

They did seemingly start some of that work with MLB The Show 22, but they’re going to need to do much more in that department to catch back up now (much like the other sports games out there). I do think SDS is serious about competing in this area again, but it’s going to be a “wait and see” scenario until they win some folks back over.

Either way, NBA 2K23 is the champion and the favorite to repeat in this category next season.

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