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Apr 03, 2013

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Jul 05, 2013

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Jul 24, 2013
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Dec 17, 2013


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NCAA Football 14 currently has an average Reader Score of 7.5/10.
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# 127 vman81699 @ 02/28/14 07:22 AM
Reader Score: 8

I feel it is a great game, but the micro-transactions are really holding the game back. I feel they are trying to squeeze every last dollar out of you. Overall the addition of Ultimate Team does give the game a better replay value then the one it already had. Overall you should by this game and it might be the last one.

# 126 dikelikellama @ 01/29/14 12:08 AM
Reader Score: 8

Edited: 7/10.... I really do enjoy this game. I just think that EA could do so much more. Sometimes its like they don't even try to step out of the box and come up with fresh ideas and improvements.

# 125 AntiBandwagoner @ 01/22/14 02:33 PM
Reader Score: 8

Pretty good.

# 124 osubucki6 @ 01/18/14 12:17 AM
Reader Score: 9

Love this game but EA just makes bad games because they put no effort into it. But this is really the only game I play and if you haven't played it you're missing out.

# 123 WorkingILLINI @ 01/15/14 11:44 AM
Reader Score: 10

Thanks for keeping watch on this!

# 122 GOheels2627 @ 12/23/13 08:39 PM
Reader Score: 9

Ranked Online matches at its best and Ultimate team is so much fun

# 121 Hypespeed77 @ 12/22/13 03:30 PM
Reader Score: 9

Even though it is the last in the series, I see myself playing this game next season just to get my fix.

# 120 ZWPhoenix80 @ 11/03/13 09:52 AM
Reader Score: 9

game still lags.. No huddle should have been viewed better. defense breaks down to easy. spread option is to overrated.. Like alot of people i wish they could make it so there is no kind of laggin or cheesin in online gameplay

# 119 frankwyte81 @ 09/18/13 12:53 AM
Reader Score: 7

Pretty good, could've been better. Still better than Madden 25.

# 118 servo75 @ 08/22/13 03:11 PM
Reader Score: 5

On the right track, but still too many bugs and glitches.


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