Friday, July 18, 2014
10:25 AM - July 18, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS.

Over the last year, we have seen a variety of micro-transaction approaches employed in sports games. We have saw everything from the limited Ultimate Team micro-transactions of EA Sports games to the intrusion of micro-transactions in NBA 2K14. There was the seemingly almost meaningless stubs of The Show and now PES is jumping into the fray.

When it comes to micro-transactions and where they are acceptable, where is the line drawn for you? Is it with online only modes? Player character development modes? Is there even a line for you?

Sound off in our poll and let us know which game has handled micro-transactions the best over the past year!

10:16 AM - July 18, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The wheels are turning and Power Conference autonomy could be coming in just three weeks. The restructuring of the Division I governance board is expected to give the five power conferences the ability to set and govern themselves with rules apart from the traditional NCAA structure. The Division I steering committee agreed to allow the Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12 , Pacific 12 and Southeastern conferences until October 1 to put together their first proposals that would be considered and possibly adopted when the five conferences conduct a business session at the 2015 NCAA Convention.

“We are not deaf to the din of discontent across intercollegiate athletics that has dominated the news,” said Mike Slive, SEC Commissioner. “We have created the initiative to restructure the NCAA, in accordance with our vision for the 21st century with the support of student-athletes at it’s core … This is not a new effort on our part. The SEC’s call for change was introduced at Media Days in 2011, and will continue until we’ve realized our desired outcomes. Over the last year, we, along with our colleagues at the ACC, Big 10, Big 12 and PAC 12, developed this new vision for intercollegiate athletics for the 21st century. The vision includes the NCAA’s enactment of a governance system that will provide greater autonomy for the SEC and the other four conferences for the benefit of student athletes.”

Basically what Slive and Ohio State AD Gene Smith are saying is that its gotten awful crowded in FBS football and it's time for everyone to recognize the split which does exist in the division.

You might ask why the rest of the schools would go for a plan which, inherently, knocks everyone else down a peg. The answer is simple: If the Power Five doesn't get their way, they're likely to leave the NCAA and do their own thing. That would mean the Golden Goose of the NCAA, March Madness, would go away.

What this means for video games' future is simple: at the very least the Power Five conferences could have rules in place to compensate players legally for their appearances in publicity material, products, and media very soon. It still remains unlikely we will see a college football game officially announced anywhere until next Summer at the very earliest -- but the legal structures for such a product to exist could certainly be in place soon.

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10:01 AM - July 18, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports has just released another FIFA 15 trailer. This one features the emotion and intensity in the game with voiceover from Nick Channon, Senior Producer of FIFA 15.

Watch players react to big moments as they would in real life, with unique crowds and new celebrations, including the new 10-man celebrations.

Football is the greatest drama on earth and FIFA 15 puts fans center stage. Today, EA SPORTS released the next video in their FIFA 15 Gameplay Features series, this time, focusing on how the game delivers the emotion and intensity of the world’s greatest sport. For the first time ever, FIFA 15 models the emotions of all 22 players on the pitch, giving fans a chance to experience first-hand the attitudes and personalities of the world’s best football players during a match. Match Day will feel more dynamic and alive than ever before – immersing you in the match action and never taking you out of the moment. With region specific behaviors, crowds will now be distinguished by cheers and chants designated to their club, league, country, or continent. New Bench Reactions, 10 Player Goal Celebrations, ball boy animations, and contextual commentary will keep FIFA 15 fans engaged in the story of the match.

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The All-Star break is over, it's time to win some free money at FanDuel. No risk at all, it's free to join, the top 700 players win money, with the winner taking home $200.

The league starts tonight at 7:05 PM EST, so give it a shot! Register here and setup your lineups now.

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08:58 AM - July 18, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Examiner has posted their interview with Brent Nielsen, Executive Producer for EA Sports PGA Tour. There were quite a few feature specific questions he couldn't answer at this time, but he does give a few more details about the game, scheduled to arrive in the Spring of 2015.

Before, if you hit the ball off the beaten path, even if it was still in play in real life, like in the trees, we would just say it was out of bounds and put you in a drop spot. Now if you want to say “I wonder if there’s a way to get to the green or fairway from here in a different way” you can do it. Much like Bubba Watson in the playoff hole at the Masters, you can take any angle and we are not limiting your shots.

Source - Examiner

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Thursday, July 17, 2014
04:37 PM - July 17, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports has just released another Madden NFL 15 trailer, along with some more screenshots featuring Player Sense 2.0.
  • Defenses are now smarter when it comes to going for a swat vs. an interception or a tackle. This improved logic will be broken down by individual player traits.
  • Zone coverage ratings now have a much bigger impact on how quickly defenders break on throws.
  • Defenders with higher ratings in Zone Coverage will react much quicker to throws, often times before the ball is thrown.
  • Improvements have also been made to zone defenders responsible for the flats.
  • Look for smarter principles, head tracking on all players, increases in press and chuck interactions between DBs and wide receivers, as well as improved pursuit and tackling abilities.
  • Man Coverage ratings have also been tweaked to impact how much separation receivers are able to get on cuts in their routes, resulting in improved behavior of the defensive backs.
  • Also new to Madden 15 is the addition of disguised defenses, where opposing secondaries will show you one coverage but give another.
  • Madden NFL 15 represents the most fun and engaging defensive gameplay in franchise history.
Source - EA Sports

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02:39 PM - July 17, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports has released another Madden NFL 15 screenshot. This one features Levi's Stadium, new home of the San Francisco 49ers.

Source - Twitter.

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12:48 PM - July 17, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS.

One of the more intriguing projects on Kickstarter right now is Pixel Soccer, which is intended to be a fun and unique way to play the worlds most popular sport. We recently got a chance to talk to the creators about their vision and where the game is heading.

Read More - Pixel Soccer Interview: Why You Should Be Excited

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MLB 14 The Show patch 1.12 (PS4) and patch 1.17 (PS3) are available now for their respective consoles. Below are the patch details.
  • Online Gameplay stability (a lot of changes and improvements):
  • General online synching and stability.
  • Play results are now consistent on both users machines.
  • Fielder synching issues across two users online now fixed.
  • Batter desync when batter calls time.
  • Balks or balls in the dirt no longer cause hang.
  • Ball deflected collision on defensive players now consistent on both user screens.
  • Late fielding dives no longer cause the game to hang online.
  • Fielding decisions and throws are now consistent on both player screens.
  • Late Bunt (and bunts pulled back) and swing attempts now give the same game result
  • Check swing improvements to online gameplay
  • Challenge of the Week pitcher settings no longer carrying over from any other game mode.
  • Timing issues with pausing the game and guess pitching at the same time no longer cause issues.
  • Stealing home while batter takes strike 3 for the 3rd out issue fixed.
  • Ball 4 resulting in a walk on a wild pitch and trying to advance the runner on first issue fixed.
  • Fixed infrequent end of online game crash at closing on-screen-display graphic.
  • Fixed rare instance of on-screen bright color/black corruption affecting stadiums and players.
  • Fixed very rare corrupted player faces issue. This would show up as dark splotches and patches. This happened in certain player substitutions in Franchise mode Spring Training.
  • In Game Options for Camera changes are now saved when reloading the game.
  • Road to the Show crash when loading into Batting practice addressed
  • At-bat ambient Organ music addressed (wasn't playing when intended)
  • Custom Music applied to all players now properly working.
  • First HR in a Franchise game issue no longer stating "First Career HR" every time.
  • Umpire balls, strikes and 3rd strike audio calls now playing properly and consistently
  • With Music Mode on, stealing a base no longer skips the song track.
  • Andrelton Simmons face fixed!
  • Home Run Derby can now be entered during the install, once the needed assets are loaded.
  • Bernie Brewer now seen after a Home Run in Miller Park.
  • Addressed Strike Zone size on PS4 that cause ball/strike calls to appear very wrong.
  • Analog throw meter difficulty balanced on all levels.
  • Fixed issue with repeated jumping near a pop-up causing the runner to take off for the next base.
  • All Vault screens should now default to rating (no longer sorted by user name).
  • Diamond Dynasty> My Bids fix to prevent a crash when users have more than 500 transactions.
  • Online score posting fix to prevent lost online game scores and data.
  • Addressed a Login/Boot-up crash that would sometimes occur when logging in during peak hours.
  • Fixed Diamond Dynasty "vs cpu" pre-game line-up crash that could happen before proceeding into the game load.
  • The Show Live Double Header games now have crowds for both games.
  • Diamond Dynasty and The Show Live issue fixed where some players were showing Headley (PS4) and Jeter (PS3) heads on certain players.
Source - The Show Nation

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014
02:04 PM - July 16, 2014. Posted by Poke. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports UFC is currently on sale for $39.99 on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, at Amazon. Just in case you missed it, check out the Operation Sports review here.

More news, screenshots and videos can be seen on the EA Sports UFC page.

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11:06 AM - July 16, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS.

EA Sports posted the newest NHL 15 trailer today (and 4 more screenshots), showing off the new physics in this years game. In the trailer, we see that not only are the players getting a physics overhaul but the puck itself is getting new physics. The game will feature physics which see the puck interacting with the ice in ways we've only dreamed of up until this point.

What do you think of the trailer?

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10:20 AM - July 16, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Glenn Wigmore

While EA is slowly making it's return to golf with PGA Tour 15, another Canadian studio is trying to make an impression with The Golf Club, coming this summer to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It's already out through early access on Steam, but I got a chance to try out the Xbox One version of the game at E3 2014 back in June.

The gameplay pitch for this Unity-powered golf simulation is that it's an actual simulation, with a proper learning curve and a reduced number of assists from what you'd usually find in the Tiger Woods games. This means that there are no landing indicators on shots and that the player has to line up an approach with some level of foreknowledge. The Golf Club uses analog swinging, and there is even more room for error than in the Tiger Woods games. This doesn't mean that it's unfair, but each shot will have to be executed carefully to avoid shanking. Your swing is represented by a graphic on the side, and this helps provide useful feedback should things go awry. There is also a grid-like interface for adding spin, draw or fade on the ball.

Read More - The Golf Club Hands-On (Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

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09:40 AM - July 16, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

The full list of supported wheels, pedals and controllers have been released for Project CARS. The Logitech G27 made the list for PC gamers, however it didn't for the PlayStation 4.

As noted in the blog, the checklist is not final and will be updated with more devices before release.

Is your wheel on the list?

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014
03:40 PM - July 15, 2014. Posted by Sparkles. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports plans to release their NHL 15 physics trailer tomorrow. Until then, check out the NHL 15 page for more news, screenshots and trailers you might have missed.

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10:02 AM - July 15, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Caley Roark
While tonight’s All-Star Game marks the customary mid-point in the MLB calendar, most teams hit the 81 game mark around the beginning of July. And, while we are only halfway through the season, most teams’ fates are relatively sealed. Your team is probably pushing toward the playoffs, or pushing players out the door, ahead of the impending trading deadline.

But what if things had happened slightly differently? Perhaps, with a few lucky breaks and bounces, your favorite player is in the MVP discussion and not the trade rumor mill. Or maybe a key injury has limited your team's ascent in the standings.

Using the stellar Out of the Park 15, we’ve simulated this “alternate reality” through July 1st. See how things could have gone, or better yet, report your own version of 2014 in the comments below.

Read More - OOTP Baseball Sims the First Half of the 2014 Season

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