Thursday, January 12, 2006
05:34 PM - January 12, 2006. Posted by NYJets.
Gaming Age has posted the following:
  • NBA Ballers: Phenom Preview (PS2, Xbox)
    "Exciting Basketball Action – NBA Ballers: Phenom expands realistic basketball action to include many new features, including the most insane blacktop moves, 2-on-2 partnering with your favorite NBA superstar and mini-game training which will upgrade your skills."
  • NBA Ballers: Rebound Preview (PSP)
    "For the first time on PSP, experience the path from Wanna-Be-Baller to NBA superstar in the enhanced, portable Ballers experience based on the best-selling original title, NBA Ballers. Wireless functionality, updated & expanded rosters, new courts and an entirely new soundtrack will make NBA Ballers: Rebound the king of the court on your PSP this Spring 2006!"
  • Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover Preview (PSP)
    "Playing as the hottest artists and celebrities in Hip Hop including Busta Rhymes, Carmen Electra, Lil’ Kim, Ludacris, Method Man, Redman, Snoop Dogg, and Xzibit, you’ll be able to unravel the events that lead to Def Jam Vendetta and find out how D-Mob got to rule NYC. Featuring new fighting moves and new venues, where players can gain respect by winning fights and rising among the ranks of the crew. Players can create their own fighter with gear from Def Jam University, Phat Farm, Brand Jordan, Ecko Unlimited, Enyce, Rocawear, Sean John, State Property, Reebok, and more. For the first time ever players can battle in 1-on-1 death matches using PSP’s wireless functionality."

05:34 PM - January 12, 2006. Posted by NYJets.
GameSpy has posted some screenshots of MVP 06 NCAA Baseball.

05:33 PM - January 12, 2006. Posted by NYJets.
Gaming Trend has posted some screenshots of Burnout Revenge.

05:33 PM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
We have just posted Arena Football movie clips for the following consoles:Note: The clips are the same, but are captured from the console stated.

09:18 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
We are pleased to present our MLB® '06 The Show - Developer Diary. We'll have an update from the team every week leading up to the release. This week the Developers talk about Release Point Pitching.
"The MLB® ‘06 The Show Exclusive Developer Diary on OperationSports.com includes submissions and collaborations from Sony Computer Entertainment America’s San Diego Studio, including: Eddy Cramm, Sr. Designer / Jody Kelsey, Producer / Chris Gill, Sr. Producer / Kolbe Launchbaugh, Sr. Lead Designer."

09:17 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
Pro-G has posted their preview of TOCA Race Driver 3.
"There's a load of stuff that remains to be looked at, including car tuning, upgrades and driver AI, but all that and more will be covered in our review in February. With a month of development time left there doesn't appear to be any major problems, with a few difficulty and technical issues being the only negatives to the current experience. For now you'll have to make do with our new screenshots in the media section and prepare for a high score (barring a monumental development disaster) next month."

09:17 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
The official rFactor website has posted another patch for their game. You can check out what's new in the patch right here.
"Please note:This release will update versions 1040, 1048 and the original 1020. If the update software reports it can not find the orignal version, copy this update to your root rFactor directory and try again. Before installing any update, we recommend you revert any original files that you modified to the prior version."

09:17 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
Eurogamer has posted their review of WWE SmackDown! Versus Raw 2006, giving it an 8 out of 10.
"But it's all about the content. This is a rare PSP game that's not a poor translation of a PS2 flop from four years ago, or a disappointingly crippled version for the handheld. It's a spot-on, virtually perfect miniature version of the PS2 smash - and one that's arriving on the console only a few months later with loads of extra features in tow. It looks nearly the same, plays exactly the same, and if you connect it to your PS2 via USB cable and download your saved game data, it actually is the same. Quite an amazing achievement, and for WWE fans wanting a mobile SmackDown! it's just about perfect."

09:16 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
Fragland has posted some screenshots of Top Spin 2.
"Top Spin 2 has been developed by the good people at Power and Magic Development. The game will be similar to the previous version, as the developer has mainly concentrated on cleaning up the graphics. Top Spin 2 will also feature Nice settings and a complete 3D audience."

09:16 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
TVG has the scoop.
"10TACLE Studios has today confirmed a follow-up to GTR: FIA GT Racing Game; GTR 2 is currently in development at SimBin Development Studios in Sweden and promises to set new standards thanks to the use of DirectX9 technologies enabling the team to portray both the cars and tracks with greater realism along with day/night cycles, weather changes, and damage system."

09:16 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
Voodoo Extreme has posted some screenshots of GTR 2.
"The dynamic day-night light cycle, weather changes, and impressive damage system once again provides an impressive experience of the exciting FIA GT racing series on your PC at home."

09:16 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine has posted the following reviews:
  • Amped 3 (9/10)
    "In the air, things are different again – while SSX emphasises heavy prewinding and yanking the stick for multiple spins, Amped encourages a gentler touch for slower, high-scoring ‘Stylish’ spins. Which system you prefer will be partly personal preference, but Amped’s is closer to the laconic feel of ‘real’ snowboarding, or the sense of effortlessness seen in the best videos. And nobody pulls off their bindings and helicopters the board around their neck. Although you can get in snowball fights. Deal with it, purists."
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 (9/10)
    "Gotham 3 is not a huge leap forward from what Gotham 2 offered in content or look, but it is a decent-sized step up that makes it Xbox 360’s star launch game. The handling is the same Gotham quality, the Xbox Live features pump life into it, the engine growls are absolutely sensational and the few tweaks made to the Career side of business shine the Gotham brand up well. It’s not quite the untouchable dream game we were hoping for, but it’s still the best Xbox 360 racer you can buy right now."

09:15 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
Xboxyde has posted some screenshots of Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast.
"Sega just announced that Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast is under development for Xbox and will be released by the end of March. The game support online-play for up to six players and includes maps from both Outrun 2 and Outrun 2 SP."

09:15 AM - January 12, 2006. Posted by Steve_OS.
GameTrailers have posted their video review of NBA Live 06, giving it a 6.5 out of 10.