Tuesday, August 16, 2005
07:12 AM - August 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Pro-G has posted some screenshots of Outlaw Volleyball Remixed.

12:14 AM - August 16, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
IGN has posted the following:

12:14 AM - August 16, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Gaming Horizon has posted some screenshots of Top Spin 2.

12:13 AM - August 16, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
TeamXbox has posted their updated impressions of Blitz: The League.
"Performing high profile moves will build up your Clash meter, thereby providing a boost to the turbo, evasive moves, or even to perform a dirty hit. Filling up all the Clash slots will grant you the ability for an Unleash move, which can turn the tide for a big time catch on offense, or a turnover on defense."

12:13 AM - August 16, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
PALGN has posted the following:
  • Amped 3 Screenshots (X360)
  • Everybody's Golf Preview (PSP)
    "Characters in the game can also be customised visually, the customisation of the game is fairly deep, with players able to customise hairstyles, outfits and hats. Performance wise players can also upgrade their golf clubs and golf balls."

12:12 AM - August 16, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Xbox Advanced has posted their review of Madden NFL 06, giving it a 7.5
"If you are a diehard Madden fan, then it won't really matter much what this review says. But if you are undecided about getting the game, I would highly recommend renting it first. It is not a bad game, but I really don't see but a few differences from last year's incarnation, and of those, there really isn't anything I couldn't live without. If this is the future of the NFL in videogames, consider me a retro gamer."

12:12 AM - August 16, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
GameDaily has posted the following:
  • Gretzky NHL '06 Interview (PS2)
    GameDaily: "What can you tell us about the simulation mode in the game? Can you really become like Gretzky?"
    David Perkison Sr.: "Not only can you become like Gretzky, but through the Gretzky Challenge you can unlock up to four different versions of Gretzky and sign one or all of them to your team. The Gretzky Challenge is not so much a mode as it is a profile and point-tracking system that tracks your progress against multiple objectives throughout all modes of the game. Some of the Gretzky Challenge elements are easy, like winning a face-off. Others, like creating a player, taking that player into Franchise Mode and having that player win nine Hart Memorial Trophies (the same number that Wayne won) are much more difficult. With each accomplished challenge you will earn points, and you can use those points to unlock the aforementioned Waynes, but also third jerseys, throwback jerseys, hidden teams and other fun stuff as well."
  • NHL 2K6 Preview (Xbox)
    "The game's franchise mode is also being reworked to help focus on Team Chemistry, an all-important factor in your quest to getting Stanley Cup hopes up. In this franchise mode, you have to make sure every aspect of your team is healthy as you work your way through a season, relying on excellent coaching staff and even running small workouts, scrimmages, and drills. It looks to be very comprehensive, even over last year's robust Franchise settings, and should make players sport a toothy grin."

12:12 AM - August 16, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
1up has posted their preview of Mario Baseball.
"Each team fields a full nine players, which can either be hand-picked or randomly drafted from the pool of available characters. Some specialize in hitting, some in pitching, and some in fielding, and each character has their own special pitch should you decide to send them to the mound."

12:08 AM - August 16, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
GameSpy has posted the following:

  • Blitz: The League Preview (Xbox)
    "The game begins by allowing you to set up your team. This goes from picking the logo (there's a vast array of pre-made logos, which stylistically resemble NFL teams' even if they're all fabricated by Midway) and adjusting its colors to customizing the uniform design and even the appearance of specific players. Blitz: The League lets you get really hands on in naming your team and managing its look. This will be carried over to the online game, too. A player who puts a lot of effort into personalizing his team will instantly have cachet on the field; a guy who put forth little skill into it will be shown to be the poser he is."
  • L.A. Rush Preview (PS2)
    "The first thing I noticed is that L.A. Rush has absolutely the arcadiest racing controls in recent memory. Forget the fine tuned, unforgiving finesse of Gran Turismo. Drop any expectations of Project Gotham's sensitive hybrid arcade/sim responsiveness. Hell, Burnout and Ridge Racer aren't this simplistic and twitchy. The cars, no matter what make, rocket around the tracks at a breakneck pace and are so responsive things do not seem in the least realistic; fortunately for the game, it very much works."
  • Gretzky NHL 06 Screenshots (PSP)
    "Gretzky NHL 2006 introduces an all-new Wayne vs. Wayne mode where gamers earn "99 Time" and can temporarily activate Gretzky to go six-on-five against opponents or alternately defend against him when an opponent activates 99 Time."
  • NBA 06 Screenshots (PSP)

Monday, August 15, 2005
08:23 PM - August 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
2K Sports has the goodies.
"The one and only Shaquille O'Neal was out at the 2K Sports headquarters for some motion capture and more. Here's a quick teaser at what went down."
Make sure you check out both clips.

06:31 PM - August 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
We have just posted some info and screenshots of Gretzky NHL '06.
"Offering true hockey fans what no other hockey videogame can, Gretzky NHL 2006 is the only game designed with insight from “The Great One.” Due to hit stores in October, Gretzky NHL '06 for PSP is set to retake the virtual ice with the right combination of an authentic hockey simulation and arcade elements to appeal to the casual gamer and the hard-core hockey fan."

05:21 PM - August 15, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Gaming Horizon has posted some screenshots of NBA 2006.
"Sony has revealed five new screenshots of 989 Studio's NBA 2006 for the PSP. The game sports motion-capture data from professional basketball players, minigames, a trading card system, wireless infrastructure gameplay, and 41 authentic NBA teams. Be sure to check out our preview after viewing the screens. Enjoy."

05:19 PM - August 15, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Gamer Feed has posted an interview with David Perkison Sr., Producer of Gretzky NHL '06.
GD: "What can you tell us that will be different with this year's version of Gretzky over previous editions?"
David: "There are lots of great improvements and additions in this year's version of Gretzky. We've added all new modes and improved on every element of the game. First and foremost, I should mention Wayne vs. Wayne mode. Wayne vs. Wayne is a very fast, arcade-style mode in which users are rewarded for good play with "99 Time". When you acquire enough time you can activate Wayne as a skater for your time for the amount of time that you have earned."

05:15 PM - August 15, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Gamer Feed has posted their preview of NHL 2K6.
"On top of this, there's the rumor that the price will once again be in the $20 range, making this the affordable bargain for all kinds of hockey players out there. Hey, with its huge online options, its robust presentation, and the new gameplay quirks, who would turn it down? NHL 2K6 looks to be a dominant player in the field this year, and, in a matter of weeks, we'll see how it masters the ice."