Friday, November 11, 2005
10:48 AM - November 11, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Boomtown has posted some screenshots of Championship Manager.
"Championship Manager on Sony PSP features a realistic 2D match engine, 55 playable leagues across the top 12 footballing nations and for the first time, Quick and Challenge modes. There will also be Live Cup Draws, realistic manager options to influence your team tactics, a fully interactive transfer system with 25,000 players and it will be possible to download future data updates for transfers that take place in the January transfer window."

10:48 AM - November 11, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Eurogamer has posted the following:
  • Jak X: Combat Racing (PS2 - 7/10)
    "The one remaining issue is whether we'd buy it. Sat here with our freebie copy, we liked it a lot, and enjoyed almost every minute of the many face-wobbling hours we ploughed into it. Sure, it's repetitive; sure it's not doing anything massively new, but what it does provide is an exceptionally polished genre offering that fans of the series and kart games in general can get a lot out of. Jak X is certainly a good pick-up-and-play title that's perfect for a rental over a weekend, and at a budget price we wouldn't hesitate, but right now, at full price we'd probably pass - but don't take that as an instant dismissal. You might be pleasantly surprised how good it really is; we certainly were."
  • Mario Kart DS First Impressions (DS)
    "What we can tell you, without a doubt, is that Nintendo has done a superb job here. All the stuff fans love about Mario Kart is present and correct, and the new additions - from the new weapons to the online multiplayer mode - enhance the classic formula brilliantly. Even if you've been playing Mario Kart for years, even if you think nothing could surpass the genius of the SNES version, even if you went right off the whole thing after playing Double Dash!! - you're in for a treat."

12:54 AM - November 11, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
Worthplaying has posted the following:
  • Test Drive Unlimited Trailer #3 (X360 - 32.24 MB)
    "Test Drive Unlimited is the ultimate automotive experience for car and bike enthusiasts alike. Visit the most sophisticated car and bike dealers to purchase new vehicles or simply take them for a spin. Collect and trade rare performance parts and customise each vehicle to make it one-of-a-kind."
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 Screenshots (X360)
    "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 delivers ultra-realistic course environments, allowing gamers to experience the intensity of a championship golf tournament. With greatness comes pressure, as players are put to the test of making perfect tee shots or sinking tournament-winning putts in crunch time."
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo (PC - 544.28 MB)
    "Need for Speed Most Wanted delivers a unique, fast-paced and gripping ride in the racing genre as players build up their Rap Sheet and street cred to move their way up the Black List to become the most wanted racer on the streets."

12:53 AM - November 11, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
FileShack has posted a demo of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, weighing in at 544.28 MB.
"This Need for Speed: Most Wanted demo offers two Quick Race tracks, and three Challenge tracks. Also comes with three different cars."

12:53 AM - November 11, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
PALGN has posted their review of SSX: On Tour, giving it a overall score of 8.0 out of 10.
"Overall SSX: On Tour has made the transition to the PSP fairly faithfully. The controls aren't as good and the courses are recycled from the previous incarnation, but for the first time ever we can take SSX out in public and not feel like we're playing a severely downgraded version."

12:52 AM - November 11, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
GameBiz has posted their review of Top Spin, giving it a score of 7 out of 10.
"Not as good as its Xbox cousin but still an enjoyable title with lots to do and will keep a tennis fan happy for ages. This might not be a title for a non tennis fan. Eyetoy compatibility is a nice addition and adds a personal touch who have an eyetoy camera."

12:52 AM - November 11, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
Ferrago has posted their review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, giving it a score of 82%.
"The only way that EA could possibly further have captured the sensual experience of playing professionally would have been to hire staff to freshly cut gamers' lawns before they commenced play and perhaps given them all a few hearty thumps on the arms to replicate muscle tiredness. With this in mind it is such a shame that the overall challenge of the game is marred by a new inclusion that is easily flawed in the same respect as its predecessors."

Thursday, November 10, 2005
11:20 PM - November 10, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
We have just posted some more MVP 06 NCAA Baseball screenshots. We've also included a movie clip and a small interview with Ben Brinkman.
"We captured a bunch of new animations this year that exemplify the intensity and hustle of the NCAA game. The pro game is more of a 162 game grind where often times players jog or “lollygag” around the field. In NCAA Baseball the kids play like every game could be their last. It’s a beautiful thing really if you are tired of seeing guys like Manny Ramirez jog on any ball his hits, or stand for 5 seconds admiring his home run. There is none of that in NCAA Baseball. I know it sounds lame, but we’ve been calling “the ping before the bling”, referencing the aluminum bat of the college game."

09:31 AM - November 10, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
LEAVES! Argh...They are starting to annoy me already. Seems like I've been raking leaves every day this week. Somebody come on over and uproot the trees for me, thanks. Anyone use a mulching mower? I've been thinking about getting one, I've heard they basically chew up all the leaves into small pieces and help fertilize the lawn. I'm not so sure how small the mower will cut the leaves, but if someone knows, please tell me.

Plenty of NBA games on last night. Can't wait to see if the Stones can make it 5-0 on the season with a game in Phoenix tonight. I figure they'll have their way with them since Amare is out, but you never know, Nash and Marion could go nuts on us. I'd like to see Sheed get it going on offense, RIP and Tay have been lighting it up.

So I went to the bathroom yesterday at the gym and opened the door to handle my business. Unfortunately, there was someone in there already taking care of his own. Needless to say I was TOTALLY embarrassed and we both looked eye to eye. A few minutes later I couldn't stop laughing about it. The door was halfway open, who in their right mind leaves the door halfway open to take care of their business?

Something I've been noticing lately...Ever go up to someone or pick up the phone and say, "Hello, how are you?" only to hear absolutely NOTHING on the other end? That just bugs me. Ever feel awkward when someone asks you how you're doing... You say "Fine, you?"...They say "Fine."...then the awkward silence...Should I say something, should I shutup? While we are on the subject, another thing that is REALLY REALLY wierd. Not sure if it happens to anyone else, but... When you're in the mall or in the grocery store and you spot someone you know but just don't want to talk to. Have you EVER gotten out of the store without talking to the person? It never fails, I'll come around the corner and BAM!

In other news...

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
WWFRusso, jcress (42), Boltman (35), CapeCodKid (32)

Enough about me, what's up with you? Sorry about the rambling, I was just going with the flow.

09:31 AM - November 10, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Kikizo Games have posted a video interview with the guys from Bizarre Creations, as they talk about the upcoming Project Gotham Racing 3.
"Without a shadow of a doubt, Project Gotham Racing 3 is one of the most exciting titles in Xbox 360's significant portfolio of launch software. The fourth in the much celebrated series (if you include Metropolis Street Racer), PGR3 is another huge leap forward for the series in terms of cutting-edge detail, unprecedented community features and innovative new ideas."

09:31 AM - November 10, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Xboxyde has posted the following:

09:30 AM - November 10, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
DarkZero has posted their review of Football Manager 2006, giving it a 9.4 out of 10.
"This is the best in the CM/FM series to date, no doubt about it. Improvements remain more about evolution rather than revolution, but they are there and they are significant in affecting how the game feels. This remains a world you can become lost in, a game that can engross you, can make you ecstatic, tearful, angry all within the space of a few games. Furthermore, it FEELS just right, you have the right amount of control but there are also enough random elements to make you believe that you are dealing with real people rather than a computer program."

09:30 AM - November 10, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Boomtown has posted their review of GT Legends, giving it an 8 out of 10.
"My honest impression is that it isn’t as good as what we see in rfactor, and only a marginal improvement on that of GTR. Still, I’m basing these assumptions solely on what I’ve experienced so far, and my opinion might change several times. But the game is often laggy online, and the old problem with the entire game suffering if even one player has a bad ping seems to be back. Officially, the game only supports 16 players at a time, which might have been good in the heyday of Grand Prix Legends, but doesn’t really cut it nowadays, when I’ve seen several games that support 30+ players."

09:30 AM - November 10, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Vagusnet has posted some new info on True Golf Swing.
"True Golf Swing promises to be the first game to truely mimic hitting a golf ball. Players do this by sliding the stylus across the touch pad to hit the ball. Players can also curve their stroke across the screen to slice and hook shots."