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WWE 2K23 Roster Project By Hype/DC & Co.

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WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Roster Project By Hype/DC & Co.

Hyperballer21 and DC have been on a long journey creating custom rosters for WWE 2K games through the years. Their dedication is incredible, and the amount of work they put in each year is wild. Much like the general OS ethos of trying to be simulation and fun, that’s the core philosophy with their roster projects. They try to bring the beauty of pro wrestling to the video game while trying to make it feel a little more like “real” pro wrestling.

WWE 2K23 Roster Project By Hype/DC & Co.

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All the while, they bring history into the equation by reviving eras from WWE and beyond. This includes AEW, NJPW, IMPACT, NXT, and so on. You can see how this looks playing out via various playlists that will be included at the bottom of this post, and also in AI vs. AI matches.

I’ll leave it there and hand it off to Hyperballer to explain everything you can scope out, but just be aware there is also a Google Sheet where you can look through all the attributes and such for every wrestler as well.

Back for another year. As always, our goal is to create a simulation wrestling experience within the confines of the game. WWE 2K23 has the same attributes as 2K22 and now has included AI TENDENCIES! If these work as intended, this will really open the game’s customization to another level.

-AI logic will differ based off era and promotion (WWE will differ from Japan/Indies, 80s/90s will differ from modern era, etc.)

Attributes and Overalls will be lower than what you see in game. Do not pay attention since this is all about gameplay.

We also cannot fix the excessive amount of pins, out of the ring brawling, roll-outs, and taunting. Those things should be tied to Personalities which do not seem to be working properly. Hopefully 2K can address it.

  • Update 5/8 – New Generation has been released!
  • Updated 4/28 – Golden Era has been released!
  • Update 4/23:
    Retro NWA has been added to the LEGENDS tab
    Personality settings added back to the sheet. Adjustments have been made to keep the match in the ring.
    Hit Points have been update the increase the damage needed to make some bleed.
    Body Durability have been update the increase to offset the above.
    – Various AI Attributes labeled 4/23 have been adjusted for everyone to offset changes the AI logic post patch 1.08.
    – ALL Sliders have been adjusted.
  • Update 4/19 – AEW is Up!
  • Update 4/15 – GENERIC CAWs are up!
  • Update 4/13 – All IN GAME LEGENDS are up!
  • Update 4/12 – Made some updates to the sheet. See UPDATE tab for details.
  • Update 4/8 – NJPW is up!
  • Update 4/2 – WWE & NXT is up!

Google Sheet…it?usp=sharing


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