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WWE 2K23 Patch 1.10 Adds More Playable Superstars, Fixes More Gameplay Related Issues - Patch Notes

wwe 2k23 patch Candice LeRae

WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Patch 1.10 Adds More Playable Superstars, Fixes More Gameplay Related Issues - Patch Notes

2K has released WWE 2K23 patch 1.10 today adding Mia Yim and Candice LeRae as playable Superstars. The team also addressed quite a few gameplay related concerns, improved the online experience and fixed some issues in other various modes. Check out the patch notes below.

UPDATE: (5-19) WWE 2K23 patch 1.11 was released earlier this morning addressing reported concerns of finishers and signatures being delayed when attempting to initiate.


  • Addressed reported concerns where Superstars might warp or clip
  • Addressed reported concerns of reversals not triggering
  • Addressed reported concerns of managers not appearing for Player 2
  • Addressed reported concerns of users being unable to perform the Tombstone Piledriver
  • Addressed reported concerns of users ending up in an infinite run
  • Addressed reported concerns of jittering when breaking out of entrances
  • Addressed reported concerns of running springboards not connecting
  • Addressed reported concerns of limb damage not being accurate
  • Adjusted AI navigation
  • Addressed reported concerns involving Zoey Stark’s running knee when performed at ringside
  • An attacker will now properly fall through the top of The Cell during Suplex City
  • Diving attacks on the announcers’ table can now be interrupted before the attacker climbs the top rope
  • Adjusted the breakout timing on Leg Sweep 2
  • Re-implemented exhausted Finishers using the new Fatigue system


  • Improved stability in online matches
  • Improved overall experience when joining a session or accepting an invite
  • Improved overall experience with Community Creations uploads and downloads
  • Improved stability when using customized content in online matches
  • Improved experience when resetting teams or participants in online lobbies


  • Improved stability within multiple Create modes
  • Addressed reported concerns with the video preview within Create-an-Entrance
  • Addressed reported concerns related to applying images, patterns, and movies in Create-an-Arena
  • Created Championship names will now appear during in-game entrances
  • Addressed reported concerns of the color picker freezing in Create-a-Superstar
  • Improved overall consistency when creating custom arenas


  • Improved overall stability
  • Addressed reported concerns of certain trios transitioning to tag Create-a-Victory
  • Addressed reported concerns where deleting shows caused issues with Rivalry action
  • Addressed reported concerns of the Rivalry actions menu appearing blank when editing an in-progress show
  • Superstars that win the Royal Rumble will now properly be booked in a title match at Wrestlemania
  • Naturally occurring managers will now properly appear on the match card

wwe 2k23 mia yim


  • Addressed formatting when playing in Arabic
  • Addressed reported concerns of title belts not appearing consistently during entrances
  • Addressed reported concerns of display issues when using Contract Negotiation Power
  • Added trophy silhouettes in Career Standing to make it easier to see how close a player is to getting to 10
  • Improved presentation of Rivalry level increase
  • Addressed reported concerns of official tag team partners not having good chemistry at all times
  • Addressed reported concerns of a crash when participating in a Season with a full roster of Created Superstars


  • General fixes and improvements


  • General fixes and improvements


  • Updated Dana Brooke’s entrance music

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