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WWE 2K23: How to Unlock Ezekiel in MyRise

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WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23: How to Unlock Ezekiel in MyRise

Walk with Ezekiel in WWE 2K23!

WWE 2K‘s roster is always a hot topic with every new release. Now that WWE 2K23 is out, there are some unlockable superstars within the roster. One of these superstars is Ezekiel, Elias’ “brother.” In this article, we’ll show you how to unlock WWE 2K23’s Ezekiel in MyRise.

How To Get Ezekiel In WWE 2K23’s MyRise

Ezekiel in WWE 2k23

It’s no doubt that fans have taken a liking to Ezekiel or Zeke. This may have been due to his sensational yet comical feud with Kevin Owens. With all that said, if you want to unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23, here’s how:

  1. While progressing through MyRise, you will need to join a Faction. One of the requirements to unlock Ezekiel is to join John Cena’s faction.
  2. Complete Loyalty missions for John Cena until you get an interaction between @JohnCena (John Cena) and @IamnotEliasWWE (Ezekiel) on the Twitter-like feed.
  3. At this point, you have two options: “Offer to Help Cena” or “Stay Out of This.” Naturally, you must choose the first option, which will prompt a new mission called Showcase of the Immortals. This mission is a handicap match with your character against Elias and Ezekiel.
  4. Defeat them to unlock Ezekiel.

You can miss Ezekiel in WWE 2K23. So be careful of your choices as you only have one chance to unlock him per character in MyRise. Ezekiel has a rating of 83, higher than his “brother,” Elias.

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