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WWE 2K22 - What to Expect From WrestleMania Trailer and More

WWE 2K22 trailer teaser

WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 - What to Expect From WrestleMania Trailer and More

In this video, Matt breaks down the six pillars WWE 2K producer Patrick Gilmore introduced when he took over as head of the series’ direction in 2020. We got the first teaser for WWE 2K22 in an announcement this week, and we know we’ll find out at least a little more during WrestleMania weekend in the upcoming WWE 2K22 trailer.

Matt also talks about where WWE 2K needs to improve and also maintain its place moving forward. We don’t expect this WWE 2K22 trailer to blow us away with information, but we hope there are some kernels of information here we can dream on for a bit before the news really starts to trickle out later this year.


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  1. Think Matt did a great job here looking at how the new producer of the series has chatted about WWE 2K while discussing where the series needs to improve overall.
    Expectation are so low they're buried in the ground. But, this is Visual Concepts time to shine and prove me wrong saying I knew they would be a disaster from the moment they were added to the series many moons ago.

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