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WWE 2K19 Introduces New Towers Feature

WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 Introduces New Towers Feature

2K has introduced a new feature called Towers for WWE 2K19. In this new mode, players choose WWE Superstars or their MyPLAYERs to compete against a string of WWE Superstar opponents. Each Tower features its own unique theme and is populated by a roster of WWE Superstars across a variety of challenging matches, including different win conditions and fun stipulations.

Read the blog for more details. 2K also posted some additional details on their WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge.


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  1. What we asked for:
    -Faster Gameplay (an option to increase game speed/move speed like we have in the nba 2k series)
    -New weapons (we've had the same weapons under the ring since 2007)
    -Ability to edit superstars hair (making some of the character models less outdated)
    -Use of physics rather than cut scenes (for outside dives/omg moments/finishers)
    -Slimmer character models (Seth Rollins is not that big)
    -Better hair models 
    -Better clothing physics (Shirts are way too big, just look at AJ's jacket)
    -Gameplay... Gameplay.. Gameplay. The game actually needs to be less realistic & more about fun
    Things we got:
    -Hey, this year one of you (out of like 2 million) will get the chance to fight AJ Styles for a million dollars. 
    I mean, that sounds good and I commend them for adding a great new game mode.. but they   really didn't address any of the issues that we've had with the last 7 games. I really wish I could actually briefly talk to 2K as a consumer and wrestling fan to tell them what we would like and how they can meet the 2k community in the middle to find a compromise between possible and not possible for 2k20.
    This sounds pretty fun. I like to have different game modes that I can play. Honestly I wish they would bring back the Hall of Fame Showcases those were a lot of fun.
    I won't write this game off entirely yet. The addition of one new mode outside of community requests doesn't lose me completely. I just hope as we get closer we start to hear of some of the improvements we've been asking for. I personally enjoyed 2k18 more than any other WWE 2k game. That may be because it's been so long since I've played another that I've forgotten? Either way I can say I had fun with the Universe mode, even with it feeling pretty barren. 2k does have a lot to do to restore faith in the community, I sure hope they do.
    I don't know that I'd get any use out of this mode, but, I imagine some will. I'm more concerned with that loot box/pack stuff again this year. If that's going to be as prevalent as it was in 2k18, then I don't know how keen I am on getting this one before it goes on sale. 
    What we asked for:
    -Gameplay... Gameplay.. Gameplay. The game actually needs to be less realistic & more about fun

    Who the heck is asking for it to be less realistic?
    I mean. If this means we get Gautlent styled matches in the game, awesome. Someone gets to play AJ Styles? That's cool. I'll probably play this mode a few times for sure. I just truly hope this isn't their big add-on.
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