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WWE 2K18 Developer Blog - New Features & Improvements

WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 Developer Blog - New Features & Improvements

The WWE 2K18 developer blogs have begun today with Mark Little, Executive Producer at Visual Concepts providing more details on the new features and improvements in the game this year. Check out some of the bullets below and read the entire blog here.

  • Creation Suite gets even deeper with improvements to Create-a-Superstar, Create-an-Arena and Create-a-Video
  • Highlight Replay System now enables users to save game replays to make into future videos and adds a free-roaming camera
  • New Create-a-Match feature allows players create a custom set of rules for a match, save them and use them in either Play Now or WWE Universe
  • New MyPLAYER experience that introduces fighting styles and a brand new upgrade and progression system
  • Players can choose from eight fighting styles to help define their MyPLAYER experience
  • Brand new MyCAREER experience awaits, incorporating a new story and a free-roaming backstage area that allow your MyPLAYER to interact with other WWE Superstars and help direct the narrative
  • All-new Road to Glory Mode that lets players compete against others, using their MyPLAYER characters, in a quest to qualify for WWE pay-per-view events
  • Developed an entirely new graphics engine that delivers spectacular new lighting, more realistic skin and new camera effects
  • WWE 2K18 introduces a new commentary team. With the trio of Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves at the commentary table
  • Greatly improved crowd sounds, including the addition of authentic crowd chants
  • New mayhem and carnage in the form of eight-person matches, including Ladder matches, the Royal Rumble, Eight-Person Tags and even a Battle Royal
  • Revamped Royal Rumble matches by implementing new elimination mechanics, a quick elimination system, new match-specific finishers and new elimination sequences
  • Added a new carry system & thousands of new animations (more details in the future)
  • WWE Universe Mode includes a new story system that provides more flexibility in how stories play out
  • New story system supports very diverse pay-per-view calendars, meaning it manages WWE’s current pay-per-view schedule alongside player-created custom pay-per-view calendars. In addition, there are new story cut scenes, new Power Rankings and even a new Superstar goal feature to be announced in the future
  • Reworking the search system for Community Creations to ensure everyone is able to find the best amazing content created and made available by the community
  • Largest roster in WWE gaming history

The next WWE 2K18 developer blog is scheduled for Thursday, July 13.


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  1. Only three things I really care about and there all in Universe . First off having Road Dogg and Billy Gunn in New Age Outlaws and DX at the same time,  just one of many examples. Next fix the rankings system to where I can have one wrestler vie for two major titles and it actually works right. Lastly instead of a major and a singles per show allow me to have two major titles if I so please and don't make me have a female title on every show. Oh and implement the damn managers the way they should be! Thank you. 

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