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WWE 2K17 Patch 1.01 Available For PC Users, Patch Notes Included

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 Patch 1.01 Available For PC Users, Patch Notes Included

WWE 2K17 patch 1.01 is available for PC users, check out the patch notes below.


  • Fixed an issue with reversals occurring incorrectly for running grapples
  • Addressed issues affecting COM Superstars’ interactions with ladders in ladder matches
  • Fixed an issue in which Superstars could enter the ring before the countdown finished in Royal Rumble matches when running the title at 30 fps


  • Addressed an issue in which a user could disrupt the Team-Up matchmaking of another player in their Steam friends list
  • Fixed an issue with custom logos on arenas not displaying properly for all players in a match
  • Fixed an issue with clients not receiving invites from a host following a Team-Up match under certain conditions


  • Addressed a flickering issue with a held championship on the MyCareer home screen


  • Resolved a title stability issue that could occur for users with AMD graphics cards
  • Fixed a display issue with the match rating stars appearing improperly at the beginning of a match
  • Fixed an issue with cinematics not displaying properly when the game is running in Surround mode
  • Multiple replays are now displayed upon completion of an Elimination Chamber match
  • Fixed display and selection issues with the DELETION UTILITY main menu option


  • Fixed stretching issues with the face outline in the Face Deformation > Facial Region option when running the title at most resolutions


  • Fixed an issue with current video speed and elapsed time information not displaying in Advanced Creation


  • Addressed an issue with Highlight Reel videos appearing too dim
  • Fixed an issue when applying the “Bad VHS” filter to a video creation


  • Added support for the “WWE 2K17 Hall of Fame Showcase” downloadable content

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