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2K Issues Statement About WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20

2K Issues Statement About WWE 2K20

2K has made a short statement on the issues people are having with WWE 2K20 during the launch week. It reads as follows:

Although it’s a short message to players, at least they are admitting there are issues and it sounds like they are intent on fixing them. This patch will hopefully drop within that two-week window so the game can push forward from there. Of course, a lot of the damage has been done already, so it will be interesting to see how Visual Concepts moves forward with the franchise from here. Regardless, the studio has to try and make good in the short term for now, and I think something more than just a patch will be needed to try and smooth things over with the fans.

For any new updates regarding WWE 2K20, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at OS.


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  1. Same statement they put out when they released the completely broken switch version 2k18...
    They never fixed and just gave up on the whole platform. Disgraceful from everyone involved
    It's comical how they just act as if they had no way of knowing about the zillion glitches until paying customers pointed them all out.  It's nice to see them getting crushed for this, honestly.

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