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WWE 2K Battlegrounds - All Create-A-Wrestler Options (Unlocked By Default)

wwe 2k battlegrounds create-a-wrestler options

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

WWE 2K Battlegrounds - All Create-A-Wrestler Options (Unlocked By Default)

With the WWE 2K Battlegrounds create-a-wrestler options, they come with a bit of an asterisk since a healthy amount of content needs to be unlocked. However, Brian wanted to at least take you through everything that’s there by default when you pick up the game.

The more you play the game, the more items that will be unlocked for you to use when customizing your wrestler. This unlock system is relatively straight forward, it just will take some time to get everything you want for your wrestler. The options here overall are more limited than in the main WWE 2K franchise (and you have fewer CAW slots).

We’ll be back in the near future with a review of WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

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  1. The CAW is just poor from the jump. You can't even color swap attire. You can use my quote here, but the devs:
    Ought to be ashamed of themselves for how weak CAW is. The face morphing is the only decent thing in this CAW and that's not saying much. They need to update this before releasing any DLC. Not sure if the locked full outfit attires, are individual part you can use or onesies?

    I am having fun though. The cpu AI are some cheesy, reversal pulling, blocking midgets as you proceed through the campaign mode though. Had to exploit their own stupidity to beat them.

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