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Wreckfest Tournament Update, Racing Heroes Car Pack & New Patch Available Today



Wreckfest Tournament Update, Racing Heroes Car Pack & New Patch Available Today

A new update for Wreckfest has arrived today, featuring a new Tournament Season: Racing Heroes and Eagles Peak, a free track containing a circuit track and a derby arena.

The Wreckfest Racing Heroes car pack includes three new cars: Raven is a true battle beast of a car that packs plenty of grunt and shreds opposition with raw power, Speedie is a peppery little car that punches above its weight, and Stellar is a legendary rally missile that is at home on both twisty gravel and tarmac.

The Wreckfest Racing Heroes car pack is included in Season Pass 2, otherwise you will need to shell out $3.99.

Here are the Wreckfest patch notes.


  • Added support for the DLC pack “Racing Heroes Car Pack” containing three new cars: Raven, Speedie, and Stellar.
  • Added a new free track: Eagles Peak Motorpark with both forward and reverse layouts as well as a derby stadium.
    (Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are fields13_1, fields13_1_rev and fields13_2.)


  • New tournament season: Racing Heroes.
  • New racing themed reward bundle “Rockfield” for Boomer RS.
  • New racing themed reward bundle “BB Racing” for Nexus.
  • Experience is now correctly awarded from “Rampage Rush” racing events.


  • (PC) Fixed a controller related crash that sometimes occurred.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused reward liveries to be lost when changing liveries.
  • Implemented support for custom wheel controllers.



  • Improved handling of the front-wheel drive cars.
  • Restored Muddigger old grille upgrades.
  • Roadcutter roof bar no longer clips the roof.
  • Wildking upright back pipes no longer clip the racing wing.
  • Improved Rebelrat marauder rammer and combar crusher bumper placement.
  • Firefly now shifts up correctly when using automatic gearing.
  • Supervan suspension no longer glitches out in hard collisions.
  • Sofa Car now receives damage correctly.


  • It’s no longer possible to purchase upgrades for special vehicle loaners
    (these upgrades are removed when exiting lobby, resulting in the player just losing credits).
  • Fixed overlap in the player list.


  • Modding / BagEdit (Player): Added configuration option for vehicle specific throttle on/off events.
  • Boomer / Boomer RS (Player): Adjusted intake noise texture loudness to more closely follow engine load state.
  • Bumper Car / Hellvester (AI): Optimized CPU load by baking static audio effects directly to assets.
  • Pocket Rocket (Player): Fixed issue where echoing was introduced to idle exhaust texture.
  • Rocket, Rocket RX, DLC#7 vehicles (AI): Fixed incorrect engine sound distance prioritization.
  • Race: Adjusted distance prioritization of player engine sounds for correct sorting near maximum distance.
  • Race: Fixed audio mix automation issue where gearstick sounds would not play in chase cam view.
  • Race: Adjusted sensitivity and physics tracking of tire sounds, to address premature activation of heavy tarmac skids etc.
  • Race: Added unique distance attenuation curve for tire sounds, for more pronounced pass-by effect with track-side camera views in replay mode.
  • Race: Reduced dynamic loudness range of AI vehicles, effectively increasing perceived volume level in most game situations.


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