WRC 7 Announced, Arrives in August For Xbox One, PS4 & PC - New Trailer

Kylotonn has announced WRC 7, scheduled to arrive in August for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the trailer here, featuring some pre-alpha footage, along with some WRC broadcast footage.

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WRC 7 is the official game of the 2017 FIA World Rally Championship, featuring the latest cars, teams and drivers, along with the latest WRC tracks and much more. Read the full interview at RedBull.

What new features and updates can we expect to see in WRC 7? What’s new in the game that you are most excited about?

Special attention was put on the rally experience for this new opus of WRC game. The level design of stages has been redefined for a more intense driving experience. Roads are bumpier, borders are closer and more dangerous. This year’s version of the game also introduces Epic stages: very long stages providing up to 15 minutes of gameplay. The skills and concentration of rally fans will be pushed to their limits. But the most exciting aspect is that the player will discover all those new challenging environments, the 13 official countries of the WRC, by driving the new WRC 2017 cars, which are more powerful, more agile and more aggressive than previous WRC cars.

Have you added any new cars or teams to the game?

All the new WRC 2017 cars are included: there’s a Toyota Yaris, Citroën C3, Hyundai i20 and a Ford Fiesta, and new teams have also been added in WRC7. It’s the same for new junior-WRC cars, which runs with a Ford Fiesta R2 this year. We’ve also worked on a special bonus car, and rally fans will love it.

Have you placed more emphasis on realism or fun, and how do you strike a balance?

In our game developing process, we first setup a simulation behaviour for more realism, then we develop control aids to provide a wide range of handling possibilities for the player. Keep in mind that, more than ever, the new WRC 2017 cars are more powerful and agile in real life, and they realistically provide more fun.

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