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Which Archetype Should You Use in PGA Tour 2K23?

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PGA Tour 2K23

Which Archetype Should You Use in PGA Tour 2K23?

An important cog in the PGA Tour 2K23 MyPlayer machine is the ability to choose an archetype. This is a lot like the NBA 2K games of previous years (technically, archetypes are still present in NBA 2K but mostly just by name. You could be just a “Glass Cleaner” but could be a terrific three-point shooter for example). In PGA Tour 2K23, you have several options to choose from.

These include:

  • Greensman – For MyPlayers focused heavily on putting. Putting is the strength while recovery shots are the main weakness here.
  • Powerhouse – For players who favor power off the tee and from the fairway. Carry Distance is a strength here while Swing Difficulty is the weakness.
  • Rhythm – This is a very balanced archetype focusing on giving the golfer an easier swing at the cost of having less power. Swing Diffuclty is the strength, Carry Distance is the weakness.
  • Sculptor – Another fairly balanced archetype, this one favors MyPlayers who are big on utilizing shot shaping (spin, draws, fades, etc) to their advantage on the golf course. The strength here is Shot Shaping while Distance Control is the weakness.
  • Woodsman – This archetype allows you to unleash your inner Seve Ballesteros as it leans heavily towards your ability to get out of tough situations such as the rough or a bunker. Strength is Recovery Shots while Putting is the weakness.


So, with these archetypes in mind, which one should you consider? Ultimately, it’s up to you and what you feel will best give you an advantage on the golf course. If you’re new to the The Golf Club/PGA Tour 2K franchise, starting off with Rhythm isn’t a bad idea as this is probably the most balanced archetype and it makes your ability to swing the club a little easier thanks to its 81 Timing rating, which is the highest of the archetypes. The higher that rating, the less you’ll hook and slice your shots.

Perhaps you’re struggling with putting in PGA Tour 2K23. If that’s the case, Greensman is a great option as well. The two putting attributes are the highest among all of the archetypes as you might expect. And although the power is not great here, it’s solid enough to give you a few extra yards while you maintain the elite putting skills.

So overall, it’s simply dependent on what weaknesses you wish to improve on or what strength you want to build on. The nice thing is that you can switch between these archetypes freely so if you want to experiment then you can definitely do so. You can also go and fit your clubs as well with the new fittings feature, which can help give you a little boost. So play around with the different archetypes, see which ones you enjoy the most and have fun out there.

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