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What sports game would you resurrect? Chime in!

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What sports game would you resurrect? Chime in!

We played a fun game on Twitter this morning via the OS Writers account. We gave OS’ers a simple scenario with a question: “You’ve been given a special power but you can only use it on one title: Which sports game series are you resurrecting with this power and why?”

The responses went from the obvious:

To the not so obvious:

So what say you? Which sports game franchise would you bring back, and why?


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  1. Aside from the ultra-obvious, I'd say MVP Baseball. EA Sports' mid-2000s baseball games still remain the gold standard for me. Ever since they got banned from the MLB market, baseball video games haven't been the same.
    Glad to see NCAA Football getting most of the votes. Just to spice things up, I would like to see the return of the NFL 2K series. With what they have done with NBA 2K and what they did with NFL 2K5, I think that they would have knocked it out of the park.
    Some other answers that I like are already up, so I say I'd love a resurgence of the Arcade Sports genre. Too many good things to name just one in particular. There's NFL Street, NBA Street, NBA Ballers, FIFA Street, NFL Blitz/Blitz The League, Backyard Football, MLB Slugfest.... and so.
    NCAA basketball. The authentic dual broadcast presentation was one of the most underrated features in sports video games last generation.
    1. NCAA Football -- Easy choice here
    2. High Heat Baseball -- would like to see a modern  version
    3. MVP Baseball -- Miss this one too
    4. College Hoops 2kxx... yep
    5. NFL 2kxx  -- almost forgot about this one
    6. AND ALL of the TV SPORTS Series
    NFL 2K all day long - football games would’ve been in another hemisphere by now had they been able to make football games since 2004. NCAA football a distant second because it would’ve been in the same boat that madden is in now; stuck with trying to make shareholders happy instead of gamers.
    I know I said earlier College Hoops 2k but at this point I'd take either or. College Hoops 2k or NCAA Basketball. College Hoops 2k is still my favorite basketball game of all time and I absolutely love the Selection Sunday show. However, I do think the presentation in NCAA basketball with the ESPN and CBS scoreboards really provide something as well. The only thing that worries about a NCAA Basketball reintegration  is that it would use the NBA Live engine and I still like the NBA LIve 10, NCAA Basketball 10 engine better than the current NBA Live engine
    1) NCAA Football. I got into College Football because of NCAA Football. I always preferred NCAA over Madden. I see alot of people wanting 2k to develop. I understand why. But last few years of NCAA wasn't a disappointment at all. As long as they could continue off of NCAA 14 and have smooth gameplay, that game can immediately be great.
    2) College Hoops or NCAA Basketball. College Basketball then wasn't as marketable 10+ years ago as it is now. I enjoyed the depth in College Hoops and the presentation in NCAA Basketball. NCAA Basketball had ESPN and CBS broadcast. Heck, I'd take NCAA Basketball 10 over current Live games. I feel 2k could make a smooth transition to College Hoops. Imagine MyLeague type of depth in College Hoops. NCAA Basketball dual broadcast made those games feel differently.
    3) NBA/NFL Street. Those games bring back so many memories. I like simulation football. But also liked the arcadey feel of those games. Got into so many heated battles with NBA Street 2.
    4)NFL 2k. I can only imagine a modernize 2k5 and updated 2k8 gameplay, and current graphics. That game had so many extra things to do outside of regular games. We are still craving the type of presentation that was in that game. Hopefully one day eases up with exclusive licenses.
    If I were to rank what I’d want back I’d go,
    1. 2K NFL Football
    2. 2K NHL Hockey
    3. NCAA Football
    4. MVP Baseball
    5. Skate 4 or NCAA Basketball
    If we got any of these I’d be so happy
    Fight Night Champion or possibly an arcade version of boxing using the Rocky/Creed license? i know they did it for VR but honestly how many can afford that right now? sheesh.....
    In addition to some of the ones already mentioned, I want add these to it:
    NCAA GameBreaker
    NFL GameDay
    NFL Fever
    NBA Inside Drive
    NBA ShootOut

    I miss the pre-2004 days where had a few licensed games PER sport. Where each game had some thing unique and something for each person. Competition made each company strive to be better.
    I miss the pre-2004 days where had a few licensed games PER sport. Where each game had some thing unique and something for each person. Competition made each company strive to be better.

    Exactly why I want them all to come back. We also had an actual variety of games we could choose from.
    2k football...High Heat..Ncaa football...Fight Night ( I think that’s what it was called)
    If these games came back with PS4 or 5 tech wow...they were really good IMO at the time of release, I would love to see these games in the now..

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