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Undisputed Updated Adds More Fighters, New Arena, Gameplay Changes & More - Patch Notes

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Undisputed Updated Adds More Fighters, New Arena, Gameplay Changes & More - Patch Notes

Steel City Interactive has released their second content update for Undisputed featuring new fighters, new arena, gameplay changes and much more. The free update features four new fighters: Vasilii Lomachenko, Amir Khan, Floyd Patterson and Daniel Jacobs. A new Japanese inspired venue called Kiritsu Arena has also been added, along with the following gameplay changes:

  • Changed the damage/health system from 6 individual damage zones into one overall head zone and one overall body zone. Alongside the below daze threshold change, encourages players to mix up their fight styles which should lead to a better quality of matches online.
  • Changed the damage thresholds used to calculate daze chance. Fighters are now more likely to hit their opponent into dazed by mixing up punches and landing combinations, rather than focusing on the same punch repeatedly. This does not impact the chance of landing a ‘flash daze’.
  • Reduced the movement speed of fighters that are dazed, making it more achievable for players to be able to cut off the ring and secure a finish when an opponent is hurt.
  • Added a warning to the in-fight UI that will show a player if they’re close to being dazed and removed the sectional body-part UI.
  • The curve has been reduced across Overall Stamina / Stamina Regeneration, which means fighters with higher-rated stamina have a less steep advantage. The ultimate goal here is to make sure punch stats are more in line with what you’d see in a real fight.
  • The results screen after the fight will display the remaining health and stamina of both fighters as of the fight’s conclusion.
  • Players should see AI improved ring movement, punch and stamina management and more weaving/dodging.

The team also provided a list of the latest fighter rating changes and bug fixes in the latest blog.

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