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Undisputed Update Adds Career Mode, Character Creator, Camera Angle and More Today


Undisputed Update Adds Career Mode, Character Creator, Camera Angle and More Today

A new Undisputed update is scheduled to arrive on February 12 featuring Career Mode, Character Creator, a new camera angle and much more. The Character Creator will allow players to create a digital boxer of themselves with plenty of tools and color selections at your disposal. The new over the shoulder camera angle gives players more of a third person view in the ring.

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UPDATE: (2-13) Another update was pushed today to fix crashing issues.

UPDATE: (2-12) The Undisputed update is available today. They are aware of the crashing and unable to play issues that some users are reporting and are working to resolve it.

Career mode grants players complete control over your fighter’s journey, from start to finish. You can make decisions on cut men, managers, coaches, and choose opponents at your discretion. Whether facing the toughest or easiest opponents based on your rank, every choice is yours. Manage negotiations, purse splits, rematch clauses, promotion, and even hometown advantage. Take charge of your fighter’s career in Undisputed, pursuing your goals, including the quest to become Undisputed by collecting all four belts. After all, it wouldn’t be called Undisputed if you couldn’t achieve true supremacy.

A new gameplay effect called flat footed movement will also be included. This occurs when your fighter’s prolonged stamina decreases beyond a specific point. At this juncture, your fighter can no longer effortlessly maneuver around the ring or stay on their toes, leading them to adopt a flat-footed stance. While it’s possible to surpass this threshold and return to the standard animation preceding the flat-footed movement, precision in executing punches becomes crucial. This encourages players to prioritize stamina management, as the constant risk of experiencing slower flat-footed movements looms over the entire duration of the fight.

The team has also announced that this upcoming update will be the final one before the full launch, but haven’t disclosed an official release date. They mentioned an impending price increase as well without specifying the amount. While this won’t impact those who’ve already bought Early Access, it’s something to consider for those yet to purchase. Further details will be disclosed at a later date.

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