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Undisputed Content Update Adds More Fighters, Venues, AI Improvements & More - Patch Notes

undisputed content update 3


Undisputed Content Update Adds More Fighters, Venues, AI Improvements & More - Patch Notes

Steel City Interactive has released their third content update for Undisputed featuring new fighters, new venues, AI improvements and much more. The free update features three new fighters: Tommy Morrison, Aadam Hamed and Joe Calzaghe. The three new venues include Lighthouse Theatre, Santiago Gym and Magna.

Below are some of the gameplay and AI changes taken from the patch notes.

Gameplay Changes
  • Implemented new body block animations so that shots to the body can be more effectively blocked, and we’ve also updated block transitions to make it look smoother.
  • Adjusted the step-back straight animation to be more in line with other punches. This should make it more difficult to land more than one step back straight in quick succession.
  • Punch cooldown that activates arm fatigue has been reduced. Arm fatigue should feel more consistent and less restrictive.
  • Adjusted dodges when a fighter is close to the ropes. Players should now be able to dodge closer to the ropes.
  • Adjusted weaving on the ropes so players can now weave back fully while on the ropes.
AI Changes
  • Introduced AI fight strategy, which means AI fighters can now adjust to how a fight is going and can choose to be more or less aggressive, throw more or fewer power punches, adjust which punches they’re throwing, etc.
  • Improved reactions to players’ attacks, feints, turtling, and defensive play.
  • Improved ring positioning.
  • The AI is now able to feint punches, push, clinch and kneel.
  • The AI should now land more counters.

The team also provided a list of the latest fighter changes and bug fixes in the latest blog. Steel City Interactive currently has a special promotion on Steam through May 29, offering a 20% discount and can be purchased at $23.99.

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