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Undisputed Career Mode Delayed to Early 2024

undisputed career mode delayed


Undisputed Career Mode Delayed to Early 2024

Steel City Interactive has delayed their Undisputed Career Mode Early Access Beta until early 2024. After the team released a teaser for it a couple of months ago they have been really quiet. To put it simply, they aren’t quite happy with where it is at the moment and want to take some extra time to raise the bar and fine tune career progression, refine the AI and make the mode more fun and exciting.

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A new Undisputed update is scheduled to release before the end of the year featuring an enhancement of blood seen on the face and chest. There will be more splatters and drips, creating a more realistic portrayal of what you’d expect when dealing with an open wound. Players will see a discoloration of bruises with deeper, more authentic purples and subtle red tones to mimic the color of blood rising to the surface of damaged skin.

The blood won’t be limited to the body and gloves anymore; when striking an open wound, you’ll also witness blood splatters on the shorts. This means that when covered in blood, your shorts won’t stay pristine white. The team also diversified the positions of cuts, so they won’t always appear in the exact same spots. While cuts will still be found on the left and right sides of the face, they may now emerge in different locations within a specific zone, including the nose. Sweat will also have a hint of blood in it for added realism.

The team will also consolidate head and body health into two bars, offering a more representative view of the fight. Follow-through damage from powerful punches will deplete Dazed health, making knockdowns more realistic. Stamina recovery is linked to a fighter’s activity in the previous round, allowing better management. Future updates will address movement adjustments when low on stamina for increased consequences. Ongoing evaluation will guide balance tweaks, ensuring meaningful differences in fighter ratings and enhancing overall fighter distinctiveness.

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