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Ultimate Team Modes Brought in $1.62 Billion For EA in Fiscal Year 2021

ultimate team

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team Modes Brought in $1.62 Billion For EA in Fiscal Year 2021

Ultimate Team modes brought in some fat checks for EA once again in fiscal year 2021. Looking over the US Securities and Exchange Commission annual report, EA brought in over $1.62 billion of revenue through Ultimate Team modes alone.

Net revenue from Ultimate Team represented 29 percent of EA’s total net revenue during fiscal year 2021, with FIFA Ultimate Team leading the way.

EA had this to say in regards to their legal proceedings with the Netherlands Gambling Authority.

The Netherlands Gambling Authority (“NGA”) has asserted that the randomized selection of virtual items in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode of our FIFA franchise contravenes the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act. On October 15, 2020, the District Court of the Hague affirmed the NGA’s decision. We have appealed the District Court’s order, and the NGA’s decision is suspended through the appeals process. We do not believe that the operational or financial consequences from these proceedings will have a material adverse effect on our Consolidated Financial Statements. We do not believe that our products and services violate applicable gambling laws.

We are also subject to claims and litigation arising in the ordinary course of business. We do not believe that any liability from any reasonably foreseeable disposition of such claims and litigation, individually or in the aggregate, would have a material adverse effect on our Consolidated Financial Statements.

EA is making that bank with Ultimate Team, it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.


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  1. Utterly pathetic.  Absolute naked cash grabs based off mobile gaming mechanics and outright gambling end up being what people actually want these days.  I'll never understand it on any level past a dispassionate intellectual analysis.
    For those of us who couldn't care less about these modes might be nice if some that extra cash were put into development of improved franchise modes. But then again they don't generate $1.62 B !
    ...This is what is enabling EA to block/buy out any potential competitors that are interested in making an NFL sim product...
    While I don't blame them for wanting to turn a profit (and succeeding at an astronomical proportion!!!), it is a shame that we will not have options...
    Because of the current state of sports video gaming, I have almost exclusively gone back to table top sports gaming and PC sports sim games. The only exceptions being PC modded sports games and the PS3/PS2 consoles...
    Congrats to EA and their 'empire' and good luck to the sports simheads in their quest to find enjoyment in a limited market:duel:
    People complain about EA and their ultimate team modes but NBA 2K and MLB The Show have almost nearly the same thing. People dont play sports games for the regular modes anymore, it's all about who can build the ultimate dream team.
    Look at the front page here, top right. Nearly 50% of voters poled say franchise is the most important mode for them. A significant lead over general gameplay.
    The younger crowd probably isn't interested in these modes because they've stunk and have been given almost no attention in their lifetime. They'll probably never know how addictive they once were. 
    .. not going to bash Ultimate Team. I understand the appeal. I just wish other labels had a chance to develop the aspects of the game EA clearly couldn't care less about.

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