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Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 Announced - Trailer, Screenshots & Features Here


Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 Announced - Trailer, Screenshots & Features Here

Ultimate Games S.A. has announced Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, featuring vastly improved graphics, a third-person view, as well as new dynamic water and fish AI systems.

The simulator will debut on Steam Early Access in the second half of this year, while the launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X is planned for 2021.

Rafał Jelonek, COO of Ultimate Games S.A. had this to say…

”Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is a big step forward. Fish models, fisheries and equipment will stand out thanks to even greater attention to detail. The first installment of the game already distinguished itself thanks to a unique feature – the permanent physical presence of fish in the fishery, while in the competition’s games fish appeared only after casting the rod. However, we are planning more improvements and the introduction of a living fish system, based, among others, on the time of day. This way the fish will move around the entire fishery, but it will depend on some values. For example, a fish will move from point X to Y at feeding time, and during rest time it will seek shelter and swim from point Y to Z. We are also planning, among other novelties, assigning individual species of fish to different parts of the fishery, to reflect reality as much as possible. Thanks to this, predators could live in areas with dense vegetation, and e.g. carp would stick to places near the sandy bottom or hideouts made of tree branches. Such a thorough, reality-based approach will also be visible in other parts of the game.”


  • Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is a continuation of the hit game released in 2017. Over the past few years, we have collected a lot of feedback from you, which pushed us to create the second part of the game in which you will be able to fully devote yourself to entertainment!
  • The new visual setting, new physics systems, new places, new functions – all this and more, will provide you with great relaxation and incredible fun.


  • In Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, each map is different! You will have the opportunity to fish in summer and winter maps! Ice-covered lakes, shallow trout rivers or rough autumn seas. It’s all waiting for you!


  • We make all models of fish with great care. We try to reproduce every detail so that it looks as good as possible! On each map in the game, you will find different species of fish, thanks to which the game offers huge biodiversity.


  • Do you dream of trying your hand at ice fishing and live in a country where it is warm all the time? Do not worry! In Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, you can fish in any way you can! Sinning, float, ground, fly fishing, sea fishing, ice fishing or beach fishing.


  • In our game, the fish are always in the water! They don’t generate when you drop a hook – they are just in the water and waiting for you to catch them.
  • Each species of fish may behave differently! Some will prefer swimming near reeds or fallen branches, others will hide between stones at the bottom.


  • The underwater camera is back in a newer and better version! The ability to rotate the camera, move the camera away from the lure or track the lure while casting!


  • Download the game and don’t worry about internet access! Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 can always be started!


  • You’re impatient? It does not matter! Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 offers two game modes, for new players and experienced virtual fishermen.
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