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Two Motion Capture Videos Showing off Spike Volleyball Have Been Released

Spike Volleyball

Two Motion Capture Videos Showing off Spike Volleyball Have Been Released

Bigben and Black Sheep have released two motion capture videos showing how the developers of Spike Volleyball have managed to portray the same movements and gameplay that volleyball players perform on the court.

The spike and serve are two fundamental actions performed in volleyball. To obtain the best references possible, the developers held several motion capture sessions, in which 50 sensors were attached to professional players to capture their movement, timing and technique.

50 national teams, men’s and women’s, go head to head in a realistic simulation of all aspects of the sport. Speed, reflexes, teamwork: all the elements needed for success are there in a spectacular and immersive sports experience.

Spike Volleyball is the first indoor volleyball simulation. Check out some of the features below.

  • THE NEW VOLLEYBALL SIM BENCHMARK: Play solo or with another player locally or online and experience all the thrills of volleyball in a video game
  • REALISTIC SIMULATION: Spikes, receptions, floaters… Every volleyball move has been faithfully recreated
  • STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY TO MASTER: Use tactics developed by a real coach to vary your style of play
  • HOURS OF COMPETITIVE PLAY: Enter Tournaments, play in Career mode, take part in Challenges or jump into a local or online Quick Match

Spike Volleyball will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 5, 2019. The indoor volleyball game will cost $39.99, reproduced through motion capture and Unreal Engine 4. Click here for the announce trailer and screenshots.

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