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Tony Hawk's Underground Never Sleeps

tony hawk's underground

Tony Hawk's Underground

Tony Hawk's Underground Never Sleeps

I read a great feature at Polygon by

In THUG, you do crazy things on your skateboard (like other Tony Hawk games), but you also have to take part in some extremely janky gameplay concepts here and there like stealth. Don’t get me wrong, I love some janky gameplay in small quantities, but at this point I like watching people play THUG more than I’d like to play it again myself. It could also just be that Skate broke my brain, and I didn’t care about things like having the longest combo ever anymore after playing it.

Am I crazy here? Was THUG better than I remember? Do you want a skateboarding game like this back, or did Skate change the way you thought about skateboarding games forever? Regardless, read the Polygon feature and the USGamer features if you never have because they’re both great in different ways.

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