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It's Time We Add to Our Writing Staff: Who We're Looking For! (And How to Apply)

Operation Sports

It's Time We Add to Our Writing Staff: Who We're Looking For! (And How to Apply)

So it’s once again time to add to our writing staff to beef up things before we head into the busiest portions of the release season here at Operation Sports!

If you’ve ever wanted to write for a big audience, get some money back from your gaming obsession, and even get some help with buying (or as we call it, testing) those ultimate card packs and challenges: we’ve got a deal for you.

We’re looking to add to our team writers with specific interests in the Ultimate Team/card modes of sports games over the next year. We’re looking for a single writer for each major sports game — so if you are someone who has put in a lot of time for Ultimate Team and want to write about what devs are doing with the modes and how your best friends here at OS can master the modes on a week to week basis…this is a gig right up your alley.

What We Expect

  • At least one article per week (more as necessary, especially towards the launch period when things are slightly busier)
  • Be sure you have good ideas to bring to coverage.
  • Be deadline minded.
  • Make sure you absolutely have the time to put into this. Think about this as taking your gaming obsession to the next level.

What You Can Expect

  • Some pay for your work and to help finance your Ultimate Team obsession. You can’t quit your day job or even half-day job for this. So please don’t apply if you need a full time job…we’re just not providing that. Yeah?
  • Laid back process that isn’t going to make gaming not fun anymore (we’d have quit by now if that was the case too).
  • The adoration and hatred of OS’ers everywhere…depending on the time of day, their mood, your mood, and what exactly you are saying. This can change by the word…be forewarned.

How to Apply

Read This: Failure to follow these directions will result in your application being deleted. Seriously. Read this section carefully!

Send [email protected] this stuff:

Your Name
Your OS Name
Your Hometown
A Bit About You
The Game You Want to Write For (All of them is not an answer)
A Twitter Handle (If You Have One)
A Short Article (300 Words or Less) on this topic: What Card Was the Most Valuable of the Past Year in the Game You Are Wanting to Write About — And Why?



Ok we cool? Good! Send us your applications and we’ll get with the lucky chosen few within a couple of weeks!

For the purposes of deadlines, all spots are open until filled…but generally you’ll have a week or less to apply before we fill positions for the upcoming year!

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